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Boy Scouts of America - Troop 401 - Steubenville, Ohio

January 2013 - Annual Ohio River Valley Council Klondike Derby - Fort Steuben Scout Reservation

We arrived at Fort Steuben at around 6 p.m. and set up camp. After all the tents were set up, we all checked are sleds and prepared for the competition the following day, then we all headed up to the camp wide campfire were a small snow ball fight ensued between troop 401 and Lucas ( for all those who don’t know him he is a member of the F.S.S.R staff). Later on we had camp wide snacks then returned to camp were some patrol took their sleds for a practice run and others stayed around the troop campfire built by none other than Patrick S. Then at about 10 p.m. we decided to bunker down for the cold night. The following morning we had some good breakfast and we were all ready to to go through mazes, knot tying relays, first aid, wilderness survival, emergency prep, archery, rifle shooting, slingshot, etc…….which in fact we did. The troop 401 Senior Patrol won for the third year in a row and for the 6th time in the last 7 years while the Dragons and Klondike Patrols both finished quite respectably, and pretty good considering that they were composed of mostly younger scouts. Afterwards we headed back to camp where everybody hit the hay for a well-deserved night of sleep. In the morning everyone packed up and somewhat happily headed home. During this outing a lot of younger guys learned some new (and well earned) scout skills. Overall this was a great outing which we should all be looking forward to participating in next year!!!!!!

Submitted by Nam Patrol - February 12, 2013

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February 2013 - Seventh Annual Junior Leader "Cabin" Outing - Grandvue Park

On a Friday evening officially recorded as the fifteenth day in the month of February, in the calendar year 2013 and the fiscal year 2013, we, the privileged scouts of troop 401, arrived at the Grandvue Park's cabins in West Virginia. Upon arrival we settled into the cabin and proceeded to indulge our minds into the playing of cards. We feasted on gourmet snacks of tortilla chips, which were supplemented with salsa and cheese. After our excursions we went to bed.
Due to the confidentiality of the Saturday excursions and the nature of the sensitive materials included in the Saturday event's discussion, but mostly because of the extensive amount of activities, the day shall be summed up in brief. Throughout the day there was football, poker, hearts, rat slap, and the like entertainment. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were among the best tasting meals in my scouting career; they included chocolate chip pancakes, pizza, and specially cooked chicken of a delicious Asian style. Prior to the feast of the evening meal we attended mass at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. Throughout the evening, we complimented our lively conversation with enjoyable games and desserts.
On Sunday morning we lounged amiably and carelessly until departure. We arrived safely at the St. Joseph Center, waiting hopefully for the next cabin outing.

Submitted by Polaris Patrol - February 19, 2013

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February 2013 - Annual Scout Sunday Mass - Holy Family Catholic Church

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March 2013 - Wilderness Skills Overnighter - Fernwood State Forest

The March outing was modified from a long backpacking outing to a wilderness survival outing, due to lack of Mr. Snelting. After arriving at Fernwood, we constructed tarp shelters, played an entertaining game of infiltration, then relaxed and had a fun campfire, singing and amusing ourselves until long after dark. The next morning, we awoke with the sun, and dragged our tired carcasses out of our shelters to nourish and to be nourished. Taking down shelters and setting up new ones was how we kept ourselves busy throughout the greater portion of Saturday. After feeding our tired selves with dinner, we endeavored to have a campfire as droll as the last. We succeeded. In addition to singing and amusing ourselves, each patrol presented to the general audience of scouts and leaders a skit. Unfortunately for the other patrols, Senior took the prize for best skit, as usual. The next morning, after a great outing, we cleaned up camp and made it back to the Saint Joseph's center on time, thus surviving the outing without causing any major catastrophe.

Submited by Nam Patrol - April 17, 2013

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April 2013 - Long Hike Backpack Overnighter - Allegheny National Forest

On Friday we arrived at our destination and had to hike in the pitch-black dark. We soon arrived at the campsite and set up our tents, some of us anticipating and some of us dreading the long hike the next day. On Saturday we woke up to the sound of hail pelting our thin-walled dwellings. Although the weather seemed despicable compared to the warmth of our sleeping bags, once we had emerged into the open, most of us found the air not as bitter cold as we had expected. After a scrumptious breakfast which varied with each tent group, we were soon required to dismantle our humble abodes and leave the lovely campground. The long, tiring, exhausting, and seemingly endless hike was brightened by the older scouts, who sang joyously throughout the hike. Despite the cold and tiredness of everyone, a number of sparkling streams that bubbled happily brightened our path. We arrived at our new campsite and vegetated. After what felt like hours of sitting we did our best at setting up tents in the biting and monstrous wind that could have blown down a house. We sang more and then sang some more in the mostly wind-breaking tents. We then fell asleep. On the frigid morning of Sunday the 21st of April, we grudgingly arose from our snug cocoons and finished the hard task of speedily cleaning up camp and the slightly harder task of getting our packs on and then we had to accomplish the even harder task of gathering at the beginning of the trail, and then the hardest task of all, hiking to the cars! After we finally were able to climb into the warm, comfortable, cozy, and modern atmosphere of the vehicles we arrived at the church. Unfortunately, during Mass some of us might have dosed slightly, being wakened by our fellow scouts who were not quite as fatigued. After Mass, Wendy's was welcomed warmly by all. Over all, the April long backpacker was an excellent outing.

Submitted by Dragons Patrol - May 6, 2013

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May 2013 - Cooking Competition / Rocket Shooting Overnighter - Fort Steuben Scout Reservation

On Friday we left the St. Josephs center at five thirty and arrived in Fort Steuben territory approximately fifty six minutes
later. we then proceded to set up camp, avoiding the ground bees which had invaded again, then we ate snacks , and headed out to
play some volleyball, basketball, and soccer. at nine thirty we regrouped at the trading post, and played a couple games of
underground church, then went back to camp and after a short campfire, went to bed. Saturday, we woke up at seven and had
breakfast, then cleaned up and, after prepping the rockets, went up on the hill to fire them. After a fun morning of succesfull
and unsuccesfull launchings, plus twenty minutes of getting one rocket out of a tree, we went back to camp for lunch. After
cleanup and some advancement, we had a big basketball tournament which lasted for several hours and had varying results with the
six foot three ‘’ perfector of the lay-up ‘’ also known as john bolster, usually coming out on top. Around Four Oclock we went
back to camp and began cooking the various dinners. After dinner, which had main courses of extremely good stir fry, impressive
pepperoni and bacon sandwiches , and fried chicken and French fries which were, quote’’even better than mcdonalds,’’we pulled out
the dutch ovens and cooked dessert. After dessert we had another campfire and then played games till bedtime. Sunday morning we
woke up, took down tents , had breakfast, loaded the trailer, and drove back to the center. It was a great outing and I hope we
do it again.

Submitted by Desert Storm Patrol - May 27, 2013

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June 2013 - Bike Trip Overnighter

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July 2013 - Ohio River Valley Council Summer Camp - Fort Steuben Scout Reservation

Ah, the classics! Once again in the glorious summer of two-thousand and thirteen, the forebear of all troops, aka (*cough*) we of the illustrious Troop 401, arrived at our customary campsite in Fort Steuben Scout Reservation, thee one and only: Mohican. This year we knew, like we do every year, that it would be even better than the last year! We all had our plans of how to outdo each other in our efforts to advance in our ranks, impress the female staff members, and finish all of our merit badges. Our commitment to excellence though, despite our desperate, naïve, rambunctious nature has never swayed throughout the twenty years of our existence. For example as we settled into camp we realized that we would not be doing many things this year like we normally did, including missing our customary spot on family night of lowering the flags. We nevertheless went out of our way to execute an excellent ceremony by marching, lowering, and thinking in synchrony on our night for performance. Throughout our week at camp we had a lot of fun, met a lot of new people, and celebrated 401's finale at summer camp. All in all, you couldn't ask for a better outing! Well technically you could, but it was a great outing and a wonderful experience.

Submitted by Senior Patrol - Oct. 22, 2013

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September 2013 - Lake Erie Fishing Trip

We went fishing on Lake Erie for the September outing. We arrived late Friday evening at Beaumont Scout Reservation near Lake Erie and pitched tents. After we set up camp, we ate snack and then played a game of infiltration before heading to bed. Saturday morning a few scouts woke up early to make a fire and cook breakfast. After breakfast, we did advancement and then played a game of football. We ate our lunch in the car as we had to drive an hour to the fishing site. We arrived on the docks of Lake Erie around 1:30 pm and boarded the chartered boat at 2 pm with great expectations of catching many of fish. Almost everyone's expectations were met as almost everyone caught a fish. John M caught the most fish, 6, while JA caught the largest fish. Mr. Snelting and John R filleted the fish while I, Timothy R, cooked all of the fish until 11:30 pm to earn my first class cooking. When the cooking was finally finished, John R led the campfire fun and then we headed to bed at around midnight. Sunday morning we all woke up, ate breakfast, loaded the trailer, swept camp, and then departed for 10:45 am Mass at St. Charles Borromeo Church in Boardman, Ohio. After Mass we all debated about going to either McDonald's or Wendy's, but we finally agreed to stick with tradition and went to Wendy's. After eating at Wendy's, we headed home and arrived at Franciscan University around 2 pm. This was a fun and very memorable fishing outing.

Submitted by Nam Patrol - 10/15/13

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October 2013 - TBA

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November 2013 - TBA

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December 2013 - TBA

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