Troop Outing / Activity Archive 2012

Boy Scouts of America - Troop 401 - Steubenville, Ohio

January 2012 - Annual Ohio River Valley Council Klondike Derby - Sandscrest Scout Reservation

We arrived at Sandscrest scout camp on Friday evening with the Senior Patrol being heavy favorites to take first and not only repeat as champions but win for the fifth time in the last six years. The NAM Patrol also came in with a lot of older scouts and a great chance to win.

Members of the Troop had snacks that evening and stormed Fort Irish. A few nameless older scouts got yelled at (from a scoutmaster from another Troop) for being to loud that night around 2 A.M. Either way everyone was up and ready to go Saturday morning. We ate breakfast and did last second checks on our sled which we had prepared the night before.

With this, the patrols headed to their starting locations and the competitions began! The patrols competed all day with only a break for lunch. When results for the day came in Senior Patrol had repeated as champions scoring 58 out of 60 possible points! The NAM Patrol came in second with 55 points and Desert Storm Patrol made a strong showing with 47 points. All the patrols were happy with their performances and a few scouts went to bed early even! Other stormed Fort Irish again and apparently something bad (having to do with several patrol leaders neglect of duties) happened but I was in bed and missed it.

Sunday morning we packed up and left with triumphant hearts and happy faces.

Submitted by Senior Patrol

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February 2012 - Sixth Annual Junior Leader "Cabin" Outing - Grandvue Park

We arrived at the Grandvue park cabin at 7:15. After the scouts unpacked their gear scouts decided to play a game of Axis and Allies, after the game scouts went to their rooms for "Bed?". On Saturday Scouts enjoyed a good breakfast, and had some
free time afterwards. Then we had a flag ceremony followed by a game of football. After football, the scouts ate lunch and played a game Of Axis and Allies (again) and during the free time played football (again). In the evening we attended mass at St. Francis Xavier then came back to the cabin for dinner and MORE Axis and Allies. After dessert we went to "bed?". On Sunday morning we woke up and ate breakfast, cleaned up the cabin and headed home. It was a great outing and hope to attend it next year.

Submitted by NAM and SPL - 2/12/2012

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February 2012 - Annual Scout Sunday Mass - Holy Family Catholic Church

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March 2012 - Wilderness Skills Overnighter - McGurn Property

Once the beautiful wilderness survival outing that took place at the Mcgurn's property had started on the 16th of March at 5:30 p.m. we all headed down to the woods as it was getting darker and darker by the minute. We found where everyone was comfortable sleeping for the first night with tarp or natural shelters and started to set up our camp.

There were a good variety of shelters....tarps, lean tos...hammocks...etc.. I myself was fairly impressed with the shelters especially the second night but we'll get to that...anyway...the next moring, after everyone was up, (even tho some people I dont think ever went to sleep) everyone started having their breakfasts at their own fires that each patrol was assigned to make...again pretty impressive that everyone ended up making a fairly successful fire..after breakfast was made and people were FINALLY done cleaning up, it was time to take down the shelters...even though it took a while to get everything finally cleaned up, we headed down to find where we were planning on staying for the second wasn't a long walk at a matter of fact, it was only a few hundred yards....after a few hours, the shelters were built...then lunch came...MMMMMM enough said!!

Then us boys went up to the pasture and played a few and capture the flag...both ended up being very fun and I know that this isn't a suprise but whoever's team JAKE ROBERTS was on, for some reason they ended up winning EVERYTIME.... but when the games were done, the troop had a firebuilding competition, now Senior Patrol won but Desert Storm Patrol came in second and Dragons Patrol right behind them, IT WAS CLOSE!!!! I forgot to mention that we had a campfire the first ended up being a good time of just hanging around the fire and singing songs. Now Saturday dinner was nice and tasty...Saturday evening was pretty relaxed as some guys were adding the final touches to their "cities" haha others relaxing and just talking under their shelters or their personal fires....this outing ended up being a BLAST I hope that the troop gets to have another outing like this one because of how fun it was and it was great because of all the adcancement that got done and passed for the younger scouts...congrats young guys on your advancement....AND HEY WE ALL LEFT ON TIME ON SUNDAY!! well except me because I live there :P

Submitted by Desert Storm Patrol

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April 2012 - Bike Overnighter - Camp Stigwandish / Western Reserve Greenway Trail

The April outing was a bike outing on the Western Reserve Greenway near Ashtabula. When we left St. Joseph's Center on Friday, the weather looked promising. Everyone was hoping that it would stay the way it was. After a two-hour trip, we arrived at Camp Stigwandish and got directions to the campsite. While setting up camp, all of the scouts, including the Senior Patrol Leader and Troop Guide learned how to line up and set up tents properly. By the time snack was done, everyone was pretty much ready for bed to make sure that they were ready for the ride the next morning.

When we woke up, we had breakfast followed by clean up. After everyone had gotten all of the things that they needed and the lunches were loaded into the cars, we left for the trail. Soon after, we arrived 7 miles from the north end of the trail. It had been previously planned that we would head north to the end of the trail and come back to the cars for a 14-mile warm-up. Once we had been warned about a tailwind on the way out and a headwind on the way back, taught about the art of drafting, and informed about trail etiquette, we set out. The first miles were easy, but we definitely experienced a headwind on the way back. When we got back to the cars, we had a big lunch.

The big part of the bike trip started after lunch. To complete the forty-mile goal, we would have to go thirteen miles out and thirteen back. Everyone was informed that as soon as they were halfway out of energy, they should turn around so they wouldn't get stuck, but after riding through rain and wind for thirteen miles no one had turned around. We were all soaked and cold when we stopped, but no one was too tired. Everyone finished without too much of a struggle, but we were all hungry. Any leftovers from lunch were quickly devoured. We stopped at the store on the way back for supplies for a new toy that had been given to us during Chris McGurn's service project. Once we got back to camp, we set up dinner and our new Coleman coffee maker was dubbed Alexander. Surprisingly there was a game of infiltration that night. The scouts were much more successful than usual thanks to the distractions provided by Andrew Rankin. Once the leaders gave up trying to quiet him down, we went back to camp, and, since there were a lot of new scouts there, Mr. Snelting told "The Story of the Lost Hunter." When it was over, everyone was finally ready for bed.

In the morning, we woke to the sound of rain. Fortunately, it didn't last long and by the time we were out of our tents, it had stopped. After breakfast, we broke camp in record time and left Camp Stigwandish. We attended Mass at St. Charles Borremeo in Boardman, near Youngstown, and took our traditional trip to Wendy's. We got back to Steubenville early and even though we all had had a great time, it was good to be back.

Sumitted by Dragons Patrol - 4/22/2012

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May 2012 - Workday / Sports Overnighter - Fort Steuben Scout Reservation

On this historic date, Troop 401 of Steubenville, Ohio (in the US of A) was given a brilliant flash of what true leadership means. It was a work day/sports day outing, and John Paul Dougherty (ASPL) filled in for the SPL for the first night and morning of the outing. Under his sterling leadership, tents where set up on a bee's nest, and had to be dealt with at two o'clock in the morning. It should be noted here that SPL John Paul, slept through this episode and didn't know what happened until next morning.

After breakfast on Saturday the real SPL showed up and the outing started picking up speed. The work day was very successful, especially for the SPL, ASPL and a couple other guys, who got to burn a lot of crates which was a blast for all involved.

The sports were not anything to write home about, the normal basketball and football, but what was great was dinner after all that work. The ASPL formerly nicknamed "Trashcan"' for his habit of eating whatever is left of anything, can tell you that what makes hard work worthwhile is the food after.

Under the guidance of the SPL, the troop left camp early and was home in plenty of time for mass.

Submitted by Senior Patrol - 9/11/2012 (John Paul D.)

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June 2012 - Annual Senior Outing - Whitewater Rafting Day Outing

On June 6th some senior scouts went to Ohiopile to go whitewater rafting. Once we got there, we signed in and took a bus with another Scout troop to the waterside. There, the guides inrtroduced themselves and everyone was listening to the instructions of the guides. Then everyone got into the water to begin the trip. Then we were off on the adventure! We were the only boats that didnt have a guide. They were impressed with how well we did. Halfway through everyone stopped to go eat lunch on the shore. Before that, we all stopped to jump off this huge rock into the river! We had sooo much fun there!! Some went more then twice to jump off the rock. Then we continued the rafting till the end. We did very well. The difficulty on the rapids we did, werent the hardest but sure werent the easiset. We got out of the boats, turned them in, headed onto the bus and back to the signup station. The guys there told us, JUST US, that we should come back to do the upper yach with them. For those of you who dont know, that's the hardest part of the river to raft!! They thougth that we could do it!!
It was definitely a blast of an outing and I hope we do it again soon!

Submitted by Desert Storm Patrol 9/23/2012 (Chris M.)

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July 2012 - Ohio River Valley Council Summer Camp - Fort Steuben Scout Reservation

We arrived at the Fort Steuben Scout Reservation on a beautiful Sunday at 1 O'clock P.M. After our Troop was checked in, we gathered our gear and headed for campsite Mohican to pick tent mates and tents for the week. Afterword the Scouts headed down to the waterfront to take their swim tests. After taking their swim tests the Troop headed back to the campsite to set up camp for the week ahead. After dinner in the mess hall it was time for the camp-wide campfire hosted by the Fort Steuben staff. After a fun-filled evening we headed back to camp to get some needed rest for the busy days ahead.

On Monday morning after breakfast, the Scouts headed out for the first day of merit badges, while some Scouts headed out to the Trail-blazer program for advancement. After a busy first day of merit badges and advancement, the Scouts had dinner which was followed by an hour long camp-wide service project. After some hard work the Scouts enjoyed some free time for Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, or to work on some advancement. After free time the Scouts headed to their tents for bed after a long day.

On Tuesday, Scouts headed for their merit badges for the second day. After lunch the Troop would cheer on their fellow Scouts from the Troop in the camp-wide Basketball tournament in which 4 teams from 401 participated. In the afternoon our Troop attended a Catholic Mass celebrated by Fr. Jack McCoy in the Fort Steuben chapel. After dinner Scouts enjoyed some free time, took advantage of the camp showers, and enjoyed a campfire which included a prepared skit, as well as a song and cheer for the camp-wide campfire the following night.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed our breakfast and lunch in our own campsite. After lunch the Troop participated in a Volleyball tournament while others not on the team had the pleasure of collecting squaw wood and torch sticks for the Logan program. Wednesday was also family night, where parents of the Scouts could come to the camp for dinner and the camp-wide campfire. When families arrived we headed over to the parade field for a flag lowering ceremony. This ceremony was lead by our Troop. After enjoying a meal with family, Scouts and family were invited to tour the camp and enjoy some shooting sports. In the evening everybody was invited to the camp-wide campfire where everybody enjoyed skits, cheers, and songs from all the Troops. After the campfire and goodbyes from family the Troop headed to camp to call it a night.

On Thursday, Scouts once again went to work on their merit badges and continued to also work on their advancement. Following lunch was the conclusion of the Basketball tournament where one of the 401 teams defeated it's opponent and claimed victory! Following dinner some Scouts went out on one of the following overnight outposts: wilderness survival outpost for those taking that merit badge, a Trail-blazer outpost for those who took part in Trail-blazer, or a canoe outpost for any of those Scouts who wanted a fun experience. Those who stayed back at camp enjoyed what Mr. Snelting likes to call "Popcorn and Beer Night" where they eat some great tasting popcorn and some refreshing Root Beer.

On Friday, Scouts finished up their merit badges and tried to advance as much as they could before the weeks end. Some Scouts participated in the camp-wide Ironman contest, which is a 5 Mile run, 3 mile canoe, and 1 mile swim. Many members of our Troop participated and all finished. One of them placed 3rd (Max Lewis). Friday was also the day where the winner of the Volleyball tournament would be determined. The winner was Troop 401 who defeated Staff for the 2nd year in a row. After dinner Scouts immediately headed out for the Logan ceremonies which took part throughout the evening. Scouts then returned and headed to bed.

On Saturday (the last day) Scouts woke up to a loud noise that was coming from somewhere with in the campsite. Could it be something in the woods? Or Santa celebrating Christmas in July? Well, close but it was actually Mr. Snelting with his annual boom-box wake up call. Scouts then got up and got everything ready to move out following breakfast. After the meal Scouts had all their gear ready to move out and head for home, but no Summer camp would be complete without Mr. Snelting's annual auction of Scout gear that was left unattended throughout the week.

Even though the food was different than home, beds stiffer than usual, it was a great learning experience for many and a week full of memories that will not be forgotten for a long time.

Submitted by Senior Patrol - 09/12/2012 (John H.)

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September 2012 - Troop Chili Cook Off and Sports Overnighter - Fort Steuben Scout Reservation

We arrived at Mohican campsite at FSSR at around 6 o’clock on Friday night and proceeded to set up camp and collect firewood. Then we had a snack at around 7p.m. After which we played a game of infiltration then returned to camp for a pretty good campfire. We then headed to bed with a warning from Mr. Snelting that we might have to get up in the middle of the night because of thunderstorm safety issues. Everyone then headed to bed. We woke up to the sound of thunder around 4:30am. Several of the older scouts proceeded to get all the younger scouts out of their tents (all the while getting drenched) and headed towards the shelter of the latrines. While waiting for the storm to subside we all had a few laughs and a pretty good time besides being cold and soaking wet. Afterwards we all went back to sleep a little more tired and a whole lot wetter.

We woke up the next morning had a good (and delayed) breakfast then we heard that the Fort Steuben workday had been cancelled and that we had nothing really to do so after we cleaned up camp we headed over to the dining hall for some games (and shelter). Then it stopped raining and several guys headed out to play some volleyball and had a couple of good laughs. We were then called back in and where camp ranger Fuzzy made us bacon and eggs for lunch. A few of the older scouts then went up to Fuzzy’s house and helped him move a bale of hay. Fuzzy then took us to the trading post where everyone enjoyed some of the left over slushies from summer camp. Then half of the guys played some basketball while the rest went to play some board games.

Everyone then headed back to camp to prepare their chili (which took quite a while).There were two eating groups NAM/Desert Storm and Senior/Dragons/Polaris. The NAM/Desert Storm patrol won with their chili pie just barely beating Senior/Dragons/Polaris who had the Schmiesing homemade recipe.

Later on that night we had a game of underground church during which everybody who was in jail kept themselves occupied with a toad who we named after our beloved scoutmaster, Mr. S. We then headed back to camp and played a couple of games of three leaders on a log around our campfire. We then hit the hay and had a very peaceful and uneventful night. We woke up the next morning packed up our gear with only a few minor setbacks. We then we had breakfast, cleaned up camp took our troop photo packed up the trailer and headed home. This was definitely a great outing which everyone enjoyed!!!!

Submitted by Nam Patrol - 9/11/2012

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October 2012 - Short Hike Backpacking Overnighter - Gallitzin State Forest, John Saylor Trail

On the third Friday of the month of October in the two-thousand and twelfth year of our Lord Jesus, the Boy Scouts of America's most prestigious troop, that of the number four-hundred and one, arrived at the John P. Saylor trail. They hiked an enormous distance of over 500 feet, and then took the weight off their feet and put it down on the ground and waited for the elders to move the gasoline powered carriages to a more acceptable location. When the elders had returned, the troop battled against the chilling gales and ensnaring…all-consuming…mud pits! During the grueling hike, three poor scouts suffered the wrath of Mother Nature! They were doomed by fate to die in the 1.49 foot deep pits of MUD! But then out of nowhere swooped two obviously expected heroes, who will go unnamed but will be referred to as Stephen Scott and John Rankin, as well as two of the elders who were wise in smartness. Never the less, despite the attempts to end life, they arrived at camp and set up shelters, put up bear-bags, and said vespers. But for some reason they decided to go to bed after this, because it was only thirty minutes past the eleventh hour of the night.

Upon waking up in the morning, they made breakfast and began teaching compass skills to the less knowledgeable; let me rephrase that, to 21 of the 27 scouts present. After their teaching, they made lunch and prepared to go on their 5 mile hike. Once maps had been distributed, and water and additional food prepared, they began the trek on the pre-marked path through the wilderness. Every so often they stopped to have the learners show them where they were, to prove their knowledge of orienteering and compass and map skills. After having a contest of going through a tree root, and taking the detested troop picture, they moved onward. Sadly, the previous night's hero (John Rankin) injured his knee, and so was forced to press on with a serious injury that hindered his heroic characteristics. They went through many beautiful natural areas which reminded them of their creator's presence. When they reached the 2.5 mile mark, they turned around and went back towards their camp. At camp again, they started making dinner, which was great, especially since it was hot! After dinner cleanup, they played a game of underground church, which was presumably a lot of fun. When the Senior Patrol Leader ended the frivolous frolicking, a campfire was the next thing to happen. It was fun, with the injured cheermaster having brought song sheets so that the new scouts were able to sing along. Vespers concluded the campfire, and the scouts went to their sleeping bags and/or hammocks to spend the night.

In the morning of Sunday, the 21st of October, same year, same weekend, the Boy Scouts of troop 401 arrived at the trail head after a great weekend. Of course we ate breakfast and cleaned our camp so as to leave no trace beforehand. After putting on deodorant and our uniforms, we went to the cathedral in Johnstown for mass. When mass was over, we went on our way home, BUT, not before stopping at our favorite place, WENDY'S! The backpacker was incredible.

Submitted by Polaris Patrol 10/24/2012 (Stephen S.)

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November 2012 - Sports / Cooking Competition Overnighter

The November outing was supposed to be a shooting outing, but due to lack of a range counselor, the shooting sports were cancelled and it became a sports and cooking outing. We gathered at Franciscan University's St. Joseph Center, packed up the trailer, and drove off into the 5:30 sunset. We arrived at the campsite and set up our tents (It would be a lie to say that went smoothly due to multiple tent problems and not enough flashlights). With camp set up and snack eaten, we played a long game of underground church. That night, we were also informed that the next day's meals would all be part of a troop cooking competition.

The next morning, the scouts woke up, got out of their nice warm tents, and cooked breakfast with weather in the 20's. The judges concluded that the winner of breakfast was Dragons Patrol, with French toast. After breakfast was cleaned up and frozen scouts were thawed, we played football, basketball, and volleyball until lunch. After lunch, the judges resolved that the winner was Dragons Patrol, with delicious quesadillas. The scouts then played more sports until it was time to prepare dinner. All of the dinners were good, said the judges, but one really stood out. The winner of dinner was, with Dutch oven cooked pasta, Dragons Patrol. After dinner, the patrols made dessert. Some people might like those close-run competitions, but this one was swept by one patrol. The Dragons had a good day, and they ended with a bag of candy and a cast iron double hobo pie maker. After that some scouts went to bed, but others stayed up to play a game, and I even heard that there were s'mores for those who stayed up later still.

Sunday morning, we woke up late, but ate breakfast and cleaned up camp on time. Overall, the outing was a success, especially if you were in the Dragons Patrol.

Report submitted by Dragons Patrol 11/26/2012 (Stephen B.)

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December 2012 - Science Center Day Trip

The December Outing was to COSI in Columbus Ohio. Since it was a day outing in winter, the 7 scouts had to leave before sun up. When we got there and had purchased our tickets and were getting ready to start, an employee made a dry ice cloud in the lobby. After the cloud had dissipated, we went to the "Underground Adventure," which was pretty much a big maze with obstacles. That being done, we explored some of the exhibits including a space exhibit and a robotics exhibit. At noon we went to the theater with a giant screen. There, we watched a documentary about sharks in 3-D.

After a busy morning, lunch was agreed upon unanimously. Then we checked out a Lego exhibit with life-sized Lego sculptures and learned about some of the architecture of medieval castles. Since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to walk down the street to the state house. Once we got in, there were historical exhibits inside. We visited a room that Abraham Lincoln had once been in. Later we went back to COSI, and, very soon after that, hit the road. On the way back we stopped for dinner and made it home just after the sun had set.

It was a great outing, even though there were very few in attendance. We learned a lot about science, and then got the opportunity to learn about some state history and politics.

Submitted by Dragons Patrol - February 18, 2013

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