Troop Outing / Activity Archive 2011

Boy Scouts of America - Troop 401 - Steubenville, Ohio

January 2011 - Annual Ohio River Valley Council Klondike Derby

This year the Klondike was held at FSSR. We had the best type of weather one could ask for, the ground was completely covered with snow and the wind was not blowing bad. Our troop had three teams signed up for the Klondike, Senior Patrol, Dragons, and Klondike (a combination of Nam, Desert Storm, and Polaris). We started off and all of the 401’s patrols did very well at their stations. However there was a miscue on when we would be fed, we were originally told lunch, but by 2:00 p.m. we realized that hey I guess we are suppose to find our own lunch and they would provide dinner. So we ended up having, literally entire dinners left over, for probably the first time in troop history. There were stations set up where everyone could get chili or hot chocolate. Everyone, except our leaders (who were never told about when or where they would get their lunch) enjoyed the amazing chili they had and had there lunches. At the end of it we were given dinner and the results of the Klondike were in. Senior Patrol tied for 1st and Dragons came in 3rd! After the awards were given out a huge camp-wide snow ball war begin, with 401 against all the rest of the campsite, this went on all night until the last remnants of the other troops was finally annihilated and Troop 401 was victorious in both the Klondike and the camp-wide snow ball war.

Summited by Senior Patrol - 2/7/2011

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February 2011 - Fifth Annual Junior Leader "Cabin" Outing

Friday night we arrived at our cabin. When we got there we got a fire going, unloaded our stuff and had a snack. Then we played the bottle caps till about 3 a.m. and then went to bed. Saturday morning we had breakfast and played History of the World. Surpisingly this cabin outing we didn't play Axis and Allies. After playing History of the World we went outside and played football. When we went back inside we had lunch and played History of the World again till dinner. The rest of the night we spent playing History of the World till we went to bed. Sunday we packed, cleaned the cabin, and went to Scout Sunday in Bellaire. Then after Mass several scouts were awarded with religious awards. Following Mass and the awards they had donuts and coffee. After we had ate we got in our cars and left for home.

Submitted by NAM Patrol - 2/21/2011

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February 2011 - Annual Scout Sunday Mass with Bishop Conlon

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March 2011 - Rocket Outing

This year, we decided to have another rocket outing. The outing was a very fun outing. Since it was in early Spring of course, the wheather was definitely on th colder side. The rockets were made at the meeting before the outing. During the Saturday that we were camping, the troop went out into a open field. In the field, the rockets were launched. It was very exciting to see the rockets being launched. Every rocket we launhed had a countdown before it was launched. Some of the rockets had technical difficulties that it took several attempts to launch them. Other rockets had "people" attached to them and MOST of the time they survived. One of the rockets who's maker's name shall remain anonymous, almost killed one of the leaders! Two feet from the back of the head was too close for comfort. Then there was a cooking competition. That was probably the leader's favorite part, at least Mr. Snelting's. Each patrol had to make a dinner and dessert. The leaders must have gained five pounds after the competition! The next morning we packed up and left camp and went to the St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church which was a few miles down the road. We have gone there a couple of times. After mass, we went to Wendy's and had a nice lunch. After we were all full or ran out of money, which took a while, we went home.

Submitted by Desert Storm Patrol - 4/3/2011

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April 2011 - Eagle Court of Honor

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April 2011 - Sports Day Outing

We arrived at the Harding track at 9:00 A.M. and began our “Sports Day Outing” with a game of football. As for those who didn’t find football fun, they started a fun game of four square. After about 90 minutes of football and four-square, the sports changed to soccer and four-square.

Scouts then enjoyed a quick lunch. After lunch we headed for Beatty Park where scouts could ether enjoy a game of capture the flag or some disc-golf.

At 3 P.M. the fun and eventful day ended. Everybody had a good time. And I think most scouts would be happy do this again sometime in the future.

Submitted by Desert Storm Patrol - 9/27/2011

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May 2011 - Ironman Challenge Overnighter

After we arrived and set up the tents we played basketball and some volleyball. Then we went back to camp and had a snack. That night we had a really fun game of infiltration. The next morning we woke up and had breakfast, which was really good. Right after breakfast the younger guys did a one mile run and the older guys did a three mile run. Because we had just eaten breakfast, a lot of the people felt sick after the run. The younger guys stayed at camp and did an obstacle course while the older guys went down to the lake to canoe. We went back to camp and had lunch. Most of us went to play basketball, though five guys went to see Morgan's cave, because they had never seen it. After the last basketball game everyone went back to camp and had a very delicious dinner and dessert. After that we had a campfire and went to bed. Sunday morning we packed up and left camp.

Submitted by Dragons Patrol - 6/1/2011

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June 2011 - Annual Scout Retreat

The Scout Retreat this year had several mixed feelings for our troop. Unfortunately, this was the last retreat with our bishop because he is being re-assigned. While being the last retreat with the bishop, it was also the first retreat/outing for many of our new, younger scouts. Also, many of our older scouts were missing in action because the scout retreat conflicted with the Franciscan University high school youth conference. But regardless of these factors, it was still a very good outing and retreat.
On Friday, some scouts went early to the site, to set up our dining hall and our Stations of the Cross, and later a trip to the ole' ice cream parlor when we were done. When the main body of scouts arrived, we set up tents, the ground rules, and a fire. Since a lot of the scouts were brand new, it was interesting setting up the fire and singing songs, because nearly every song had to be taught to the scouts.
We began Saturday with breakfast, morning prayer, and then mass. Saturday's games were very fun, and included marshmallow throwing, kicking, and launching from the mouth, sometimes called spitting, as well as real-life chariot racing…except we were missing the horse and the chariot…although we did enjoy pulling each other around on an old, large blanket. After lunch we did the outdoor Stations of the Cross. After reaching the summit of the hill we went up during the Stations, we prayed quietly for a few minutes, and went back down to our camp site. After all this, we had some free-time, which we used to play football, and throw water balloons, and play cards. After that, we ate dinner, and had evening prayer. Oh and for dinner, the bishop cooked his specialty of spiced baked potato fries, and wow! Like I said, it definitely is his specialty! After evening prayer, an ice cream social as well as skits, games, and bed followed. And thus, evening came and morning followed, the second day.
On Sunday morning, we went to mass at the church where we were camping, and then took down our camp. Sadly, since this outing was so good, going to Wendy's at the end of the outing wasn't the highlight…but it was still a top moment! This one of my favorite outings, and I know that the rest of the troop enjoyed it very much.

Submitted by Polaris Patrol - 10/9/2011

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July 2011 - Ohio River Valley Council Summer Camp

As always summer camp was the best outing of the year and definitely worth repeating again. Scouts had mountains of fun and learned tons of new skills. This year the troop also sent a total of 32 scouts, the most we've ever had at camp and the most they had from any individual troop that week.

Scouts arrived Sunday around 1:30pm and quickly found out that we were right in the middle of rush hour for check-in. The problem was, however, that since our troop is so big it took forever to get through the health lodge for medical permission forms and then the mess hall for eating arrangements. This culminated in the scouts having to delay the taking of the swim test until after dinner. Not the ideal start to camp, but everyone was still excited and ready for the activities to begin. The staff put on a camp wide campfire that night and then we all hit the sack (or everyone except the brave or should I say stupid souls who fought off the raccoons, its really not that noble to do however).

Monday signaled the start of merit badge classes, activities, a week long fishing campaign of some, lifeguard training by another, and most notably and unforgettably, The Schmiesmyster and Mr. Z. battling it out in axis and allies. Not much happened that was eventful the first day as usual except for the fact that someone forgot to remove their buddy tag from the buddy board causing all swimmers to evacuate the area while the lifeguards did a lost bather search in the water. Luckily he was on his way to another merit badge and was located. Other than that, though, everyone just settled in and acquainted or re-acquainted with Fort Steuben Scout Reservation. The troop did take part in the Logan service project that night for an hour.

On Tuesday camp continued and so did the war of the world with The Schmiesmyster taking the upper hand. Tuesday signaled the start of the camp wide volleyball tournament where Troop 401 supplied 2 out of the 6 teams competing. The troop's elite A-Team was able to conquer a smaller troop with ease in two sets with the final scores being 21-5 and 21-6. Merit badge classes continued but unfortunately those taking waterfront merit badges had to evacuate the area, again, but this time not because of a lost bather but rather because of a massive thunderstorm that hit around 3:30pm on Tuesday. The troop attended Catholic Mass on Tuesday evening and then had a troop campfire and then everyone went to bed.

Wednesday, as most of us know, contains family night. Today it was rumored that Max may become the leader of Russia which caused much rioting among fans and players of the war of the world which around camp was becoming known as the "The Game". Wednesday doesn't only include family night, thought, it also is the day that the troops eat back at camp instead of in the mess hall. It was noted by one anonymous source that the troop must have eaten hundreds of hot dogs for lunch but that the pile was endless and never ran out. Contrary to popular belief, however, we didn't even eat one hundred and I could see the end of the hot dogs nearing. The day moved along like other days until the evening around 5:00pm when the families came for family night. Kids ate dinner with their family and then showed them around camp. Some exceptions do apply however to those older scouts who had already had their parents shown around by themselves or their older brother for the last fifteen years. They stayed back at camp and mingled until it was time for the camp wide campfire. Troop 401 performed the "Titanic Song" after being pressured to by staff and did so with flying colors. The troop also had three scouts "Called Out" into the Order of the Arrow that night.

Thursday spelled the resuming of the volleyball tournament and the end of the reign of the Bowl as emperor of Japan. It is noted that he became too busy to fulfill his duties to his country and opted out of continuing his conquest. In the volleyball tournament Troop 401's B-Team lost a match to Troop 40 that was so close it doesn't even count as a nail biter. Not sure if that's even possible but I thought is sounded cool. I think the scores were 21-19, 19-21, and 22-24 respectively. The A-Team, however, took revenge for the B-Team slamming Troop 40 in straight sets 21-10, 21-19. Whoever thought of JP serving and Ben spiking was a genius. Around 7:00pm on Thursday night several of the younger scouts attended the canoe outpost were they canoe out on Thursday night and sleep on an island and then canoe back early Friday morning. Others went on the Wilderness survival overnighter where they slept in natural built shelters they had made for the night. Side note: 3 leaders and 1 boy from the troop got trained in CPR today. Evening came and morning followed…

… And it's finally Friday. On Friday we had the camp wide Iron man competition in which scouts compete in 5 miles running, 3 miles canoeing, and 1 mile swimming to see who can get the fastest cumulative time. The times get faster each year just like the federal government spends more money each year (At least since the 1960s). Many from Troop 401 competed with Drew making the best time for the Troop coming in fourth overall. (BTW Drew led forces in axis and allies all week long) With the competition being done by around lunch, scouts finished up their merit badges in the afternoon. After dinner most scouts participated in the Logan program while a few didn't and stayed back and prepared camp to be ready to leave the following day. At some point I had to leave Friday night with the Bowl because I had work at 5:00am Saturday morning while he had work at 7:00am respectfully getting him 2 more hours of sleep than myself. Life is definitely not always fair. Assistant Scoutmaster E. and Chai Tea also came home Friday night at an undisclosed time. Then everyone went to bed.

Saturday came rolling around and while I was walking around the projects at Fransican, scouts were packing up and getting ready to leave. It was rumored that Mr. S.'s attitude was even keel the rest of the day on Saturday but I can neither confirm nor deny this. Random note to all: while Mr. Z is an amazing commander in the war of the worlds, it is duly noted that he did fall asleep during his radio merit badge several years earlier. This shows that even the greatest conquerors had there own faults. Side note of the week that may only interest me: when your friends with all the staff outside of camp it's a lot harder to get in trouble at camp, it always manages to be someone else's fault : Overall everyone had a good camp and is looking forward to it again next year already!

Submitted by Ben E of Senior Patrol - September 28, 2011

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2011 - Annual Senior Scout Outing

The senior outing did not occur this year due to a planning shortfall.

September 2011 - River Canoe Outing

We arrived at Mohican Wilderness campgrounds at about 7:00 p.m. We then set up camp, had snacks, and played a game of underground church (which was great because all the fog) and soon afterwards went to bed. Saturday morning we got up had breakfast and at about 10:30 a.m. the troop headed to the lodge where we were shuttled down to the river and assigned canoe groups, then we hit the river. The men working there told us that the water was lower than usual and during the canoe trip all of the canoes got stuck at the same spot, causing a traffic jam on the river. After the first five miles we stopped for lunch, in which one patrol forgot to bring (not mentioning any names, Polaris). Then we started to canoe the final five miles. During this time several canoe groups came together to form the ultimate battleship canoe thingy. Sadly enough, this indestructible floating warship was picked off and eventually pulled apart by enemy canoes that were able to encircle and overtake the magnificent SUPER CANOE. Also during the last couple of miles a canoe rammed another canoe causing two scouts to fly out of the canoe and be sent to their watery grave in the 6 inch deep water. (Just kidding nobody was hurt and we all had a few laughs later on). After arriving back at camp at about 4 p.m., we played some football, had some time to work on advancement, and then ate dinner. That night we played underground church again, followed by probably the best campfire I have ever been to. The Cheermaster, William D, did a superb job on organizing a skit and campfire songs. We headed to bed around 11:00 p.m. The next morning we packed up, had breakfast, swept camp, and left for Mass at St. Peter’s in Millersburg, Ohio. After Mass, we were asked to stay for a flag ceremony in memory of 9/11 (which was the tenth anniversary) had lunch at a nearby Wendy’s then headed home. Overall it was a great outing which everyone enjoyed.

Submitted by NAM Patrol on 10/4/2011

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October 2011 - Mock Disaster Overnighter

On the first day, we met at the St. Joseph center and loaded up for the trip. The drive was 2 hours. We arrived at camp at approximately 8:00 pm. We built tarp shelters and made a camp fire. It was scheduled to rain, but thank the Lord that it was only a little. The next day, we woke up in cold weather. We ate breakfast and got all the gear ready for the mock disaster. We needed a first aid kit, some strips to wrap the wounds in, which turned out to be some bandanas. We also used some stretchers. The victims were the Senior Patrol, who ran down to find a spot. About five minutes later, we came down to find them and found them in an area completely covered with boulders. I admit that the Senior Patrol did a good job hiding. The only problem was that this was a potentially dangerous site. If you would fall, you could easily break a bone. The mock disaster was pretty fun, and finally we "rescued" the Senior Patrol. Desert storm was pretty much the hero. After the catastrophe, we returned to camp and had lunch and had some advancement and then some free time. The older scouts played football, and after some "Quiet!" and "Guys, listen or we won't play", Stephen S and Thomas H organized a game of capture the flag, back at the boulder area and that was fun, though we had to remember what Steve said which was "running on the rocks is about the silliest things you could do." Then we had a fire building contest divided by patrol. Desert storm won, Then came Polaris patrol, and unfortunately, Senior patrol and NAM had a little trouble. Then, we fixed our shelters and had dinner. Later that night, William D led the campfire songs and then we all played an intense game of Infiltration. Then we went to bed. The next day we swept camp and packed to go home. At one point there was an epic leaf fight between Thomas H, John Paul B, and Patrick S. Then we left and went to mass. After that, to make things even better, we went to Wendy's. After that, we returned home and had a good day otherwise.

Submitted by Polaris Patrol on 10/31/2011

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October 2011 - Court of Honor

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Scoutmaster Minute

November 2011 - Backpacking Overnighter

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December 2011 - FSSR Work and Sports Day

The December outing was a work day at Fort Steuben Scout Reservation. Everyone arrived at camp ready to work. After getting divided into two groups, we were given our instructions. One group went to clear trees from a campsite and the other group stacked piles of firewood. After clearing, stacking, and burning scrap wood for a while, everyone was ready for a break, so we went to the dining hall where we were served a great lunch. After we were done eating, we got back to work. When we were all finished, we went to play games. Some of the games that were played were football, basketball, soccer, and four-square. After a few hours of games everyone was ready to leave. It was a great way to help the scout reservation and even though it was a lot of work I think that most of the scouts enjoyed the outing.

Submitted by Dragons Patrol

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