Troop Outing / Activity Archive 2010

Boy Scouts of America - Troop 401 - Steubenville, Ohio

January 2010 - Annual Ohio River Valley Council Klondike Derby

On Friday January 23rd, we met in the St. Joseph parking lot for the Klondike. Our feelings were mixed between excitement and anticipation. The Senior Patrol had won the last three years and they were trying to win their 4th. The only problem was there was no snow and it was muddy. When we arrived, we set up camp, got our sleds weighed and went to bed. The next morning we got up early ate breakfast and got our sleds ready. The Klondike was run differently than usual and it was not very well done. By lunch, everybody was convinced that the Nam patrol was winning and that Senior Patrol wasn't doing as well as they hoped. After lunch, we finished the stations and then waited for the ending ceremony. Before the ceremony, there was an auction with (gold coins) stones that the patrols had won at stations and all the patrols won something. The trophy was won by another troop so we went and ate dinner. After dinner we played a game of tag or something like it for a while then we went to bed. The next morning we cleaned up camp and left. Mr Snelting said it was one of the muddiest Klondike derbys he had ever attended in his over fifteen years as Scoutmaster.

Summited by Senior Patrol

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February 2010 - Fourth Annual Junior Leader "Cabin" Outing

We arrived at our cabin Friday night. We unloaded our things, picked rooms, ate a snack, and went to sleep. Saturday morning we woke up and ate breakfast. Then we played Axis and Allies. We went outside and played football for awhile. Afterwards, we came inside and played more Axis and Allies. We took a short break, ate lunch, then continued playing. Later on we went to church. When we got back to our cabin we played Axis and Allies, then ate dinner. We went outside and had a snowball fight on a hill across from our cabin. When we came in we played more Axis and Allies, then went to sleep. Sunday morning we woke up, ate breakfast, packed our stuff in the cars and drove home. Of course, this was after Mr Snelting's outing picture (which is our favorite part of the outing). THE END

Submitted by NAM Patrol

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March 2010 - Rocket Outing

We arrived at Fort Steuben Scout Reservation at 6:30 PM Friday. After setting up camp and having a snack, we played "underground church", and then sang some songs. Sack time was about 11:00pm. The next morning we had breakfast around 7:30 am. After cleaning up, we had a flag ceremony. We then got the rockets ready for our rocket outing. We went to a nearby field around 9:30 am to shoot the rockets off. It was awesome when the first rocket went off! We shot off a lot of rockets but lost a few in the woods. About 1:00 pm we went back to camp for lunch. After lunch there was free time. Some scouts played football and soccer, others worked on their scout requirements, and there were scout conferences. Of particular interest, two scouts became master fire builders. We also played a game of "capture the flag". We ate dinner at 6:00 pm. After cleanup, we had a campfire. We then played two games of "infiltration" and went to bed. On Sunday, we got up at 6:30 am, had breakfast, packed up and left at 8:15 am. We returned to Steubenville at 9 am.

Submitted by Desert Storm Patrol

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April 2010 - Bike Outing

Last year in April the scouts of troop 401 went to their usual location in Pennsylvania for the annual bike outing. However, this year, the Patrol Leaders Council decided to try a different spot up in near Cleveland. Unfortunately, because our Scoutmaster came (he has a reputation for being on rainy outings), it rained most of the weekend but that did not stop scouts from having fun. After arriving in Camp Butler, the scouts set up tents, ate snacks, and then went right to bed. Then in the morning after waiting for far to long for people to clean up fully, we hit the trail. The best part of the trail was the train ride towards the end. The worst part was getting out of the train and biking another 13 miles to put the total to 40 for all the scouts who stayed with it to the end. Everyone was so exhausted that there was no game that night after dinner. In the morning we packed up and headed to Mass. Then came everyone's favorite part, Wendys!!!! Overall the outing was fun and had a great trail. Perhaps the troop will do another bike outing some other time.

Submitted by Senior Patrol 5/31/2010

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May 2010 - Wilderness Skills Overnighter

In May, we went on a wilderness survival camping trip. When we first arrived at camp Friday evening, we made a quick makeshift shelter using a tarp and some rope. Then we had a snack and went to bed. Unfortunately, John F and Stephen R found out too late that they placed their pads on top of a bee's nest. Both scouts got stung. In the morning all the scouts got up and had breakfast, and after cleaning up from breakfast, had a fire building competition. The contest began by finding a log in the woods, chopping it up, and then shaving some of the wood into chips. Next, we placed the wood chips and shavings into a pile, added some larger pieces of wood to the pile and lit a match. Once the fire was started, the first team’s fire that burnt through a piece of string won, with Senior Patrol winning the event. After this event, we had lunch. Then throughout the afternoon and into the evening, we built a giant shelter from logs, pine branches, sticks, rope and tarps which held twelve scouts. We finished our shelter after we ate dinner. Lastly, we played a game of infiltration and went to bed. The next morning we scattered the natural materials from our shelter, packed up our camping equipment, ate a quick breakfast and finally headed home. The wilderness survival camping trip was a fun and great learning experience.

Submitted by Nam Patrol 5/29/2010

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June 2010 - Annual Scout Retreat

We left the St. Joseph parking lot at the usual time. But this time there was something different about leaving. Yes we were going to the Annual Boy Scout Bishop's Retreat but the location, it was different. After almost 10 years of being at a set location we were going to a different place but for the same event. The overall reaction of the new location though was astounding. Not only did everyone like the new location, several liked it better and it was a great way to start off a fun filled weekend. We played some football at night and then went to bed. We woke up Saturday morning with a good breakfast and Mass. Then we moved on to the activities in the morning including Mr. S.'s make a triangle game and much more. After this we had some free time and then had lunch. Following lunch we had Stations of the Cross and some talks (Including one by the Bishop). Next we had some free time and dinner which was a hit as always. We played football after dinner as well as watching a movie on Pope John the 23rd. After a good day we then went to bed. Sunday morning we woke up and went to Mass and then had breakfast followed by skits by the patrols concluding a fun-filled weekend. Overall it was a good outing and one worth repeating. Hope to see everyone there next year!

Submitted by Ben E.

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July 2010 - Fourth of July Service Project

On July Fourth, the Troop passed out small American Flags to attendees at the City of Steubenville Fireworks. Over 1200 flags were given out complements of the Steubenville Mayor.

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July 2010 - Ohio River Valley Council Summer Camp

Once again this year's summer camp came around in July with some successes and losses but for the most part Troop 401 continued its legacy as one of the most important units at Fort Stueben Scout Reservation.

Sunday was basically the same as always and with 24 scouts setting up it didn't take long for us to get things in order at our campsite, which was Mohican again. When we were done with that, everyone quickly filled out blue cards for merit badges. That left time for football and hanging out until the Camp-Wide campfire that night, which introduced all of the old and new staff for the year.

Monday brought the first day of classes and with that the continuation of another exciting troop game which everyone loves: Axis and Allies. The remarkable dedication to this incredible game is certainly worth retelling. Every night the scouts participating would write down the positions of all the units on the board and then would clean up the game so that king of the raccoons would not destroy the world. But the night wasn't over yet. A scout with fishing abilities unknown to the troop went night fishing and broke the previous summer camp record for the longest fish by catching a 14 inch large mouth bass. This was turned into an excellent gourmet midnight dinner with great cleaning, savoring seasoning, and incredible over the fire cooking for the fisherman and several other hungry scouts.

Tuesday continued the week with the unforgettable Polar Bear swim beginning at 6:00am. However this time there was an added bonus to the event: the camp had wisely invested in a huge inner tube! Naturally because of this and the attempts to sink the dock, one un-named staff member decided to end the good times and allow no one on either. To brighten the day though, we continued the intense volleyball and basketball matchups. For the 2010 season, Troop 401 saw a troop first of three, almost four, talented volleyball teams including Mr. B on the B team. In the final match up of the day, 401 A battled against 401 B in the quarter-finals for a chance to play 401 C in the semis. After two games of fierce combat, the A team had moved on to the next round. During the Troop 401 Civil War in the sand, our only basketball team clashed on the court with the Troop 49 Despite having beaten them in the preseason and having a 9-8 lead, 49 made a 10-9 comeback enroute to their second title in a row. After most of the day was over we planned our skit for family night and hit the sack.

Wednesday moved all of the troops into family night and a bye week for the athletes to practice. All of the meals were carried from the mess hall to our campsite where we enjoyed breakfast and lunch. While many troops have heard that 401 is very respected and well trained, it was proven before dinner that day. Troop 401 was chosen to retire the colors in front of all the families, troops, and staff. Due to extraordinary and rigorous training, it turned out to be one of the greatest flag ceremonies in troop history. In the evening most of the troop sang "Be a Scout" adapted by M.S. The campfire ended with an odd but humorous skit by troop 66, the camp slide show, and the Order of the Arrow Tap out Ceremony in which only two boys from our troop were elected. Unfortunately one of our scouts got sick and had to go home that night.

Thursday was not as exciting as some the other days, but it allowed scouts to keep up with their classes. Few of the scouts crawled out of bed to participate in the Polar Bear swim again. Not very many activities occurred the day time, but some of the guys went on the canoe outpost and the Wilderness Survival merit badge class, both of which required them to sleep without tents in a forest. Back at Mohican there was a troop campfire.

Friday came quickly and with it the annual competition of the grueling Iron Man, the 5 mile run, 3 mile canoe, and 1 mile swim. 16 leaders and scouts from the all the troops participated making it one of the largest groups of people running it in quite a while. Although there was not a winner from our troop or someone to tie J.H. for second place the previous year, M.S. got third place and A.R. arrived not much farther behind him to get 4th. And in spite of what the time gap may suggest, W.S. made it close by completing it 8th or 9th and was just a little bit late for lunch. In the semi-final round for volleyball, partially due to half of the team still tired from recently finishing the 9 mile race, the 401 A team lost 15-8 to the 401 C team. Even though some were disappointed, the C team went on to do something a Troop 401 volleyball team has never done even though it took three games to do it: WE FINALLY BEAT STAFF!!!!! WE ARE STILL THE 2010 Boy Scout week 2 Volleyball CHAMPIONS!!!!!! Not long after this incredible display of talent, many scouts participated in the Logan Program and then went to bed. Well, at least most of them did. A few, dedicated men of honor stayed awake to finish the War of the Worlds: Axis and Allies. At the end of this bloody conflict we had a winner: no one, as the game ended practically the way in which it started, at a stalemate.

Saturday woke up the scouts to a familiar sound, the dreaded song of Raw Hide and our Scoutmaster thundering along. Yet even this barely managed to rouse the tough troops of 401. Somehow after packing up and sweeping the camp, we had our auction of items which were somehow were left around the camp. Finally, everyone dragged their feet to the cars and immediately caught up on some much needed sleep. As usual, Summer Camp at Fort Stueben was well worth the time and money spent preparing for it.

Submitted by Senior Patrol 9/23/2010

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August 2010 - Annual Senior Scout Outing

When we first arrived at the white water rafting parking lot we went to were our group was suppose to be and got all of our equipment and watched a video about that particular rapid we were going on. We took a bus to where we were supposed to get into our rafts, which was funny because just happened to be assigned to raft number 401, then the raft instructors told us what to do if we were going to hit a rock or if we got stuck on a rock, which if you were in our raft it happen a lot. Our group went to the firsts rapid which wasn’t that bad, but when we got to the second one we hit a rock and on of our leaders went flying out into the rapids, and had to be helped back into the raft by one of the instructors. Then one or two rapids later one of the scouts fell out of the raft but quickly was pulled back in by the other scouts and leaders. The next couple of rapids went rather smoothly but then another scout fell out and was also pulled back into the raft. Our group stopped to have lunch and then continued through the rapids. After our raft had just finished on one of the rapids we were thinking at least no one fell out of the raft, we hit a rock that no one saw and another two scouts simultaneously flew out of the raft, but got back in soon after. We then finished all the rapids and got back in the bus and went back into the parking lot where, after we changed our soaking wet clothes, we got into our car and went home. And when we got back to Steubenville we went to Zalenski’s Restaurant for wing night.

Submitted by NAM Patrol 10/4/2010

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September 2010 - Turkey Shoot Overnighter

We arrived at Fort Steuben Scout Reservation at 7:15 and set up camp for the shooting/cooking outing. After all the tent and gear was set up we had a game of football that lasted untill 9:45. Then we ate a quick snack and played underground church untill bed time. Saturday, we had breakfast and left for the shooting range for the turkey shoot. It was a bit different then we all expected, but was still fun. After we shot we went to the volleyball court. Around 5:00 we all came back to camp to eat dinner. When dinner was over we played football for awhile. After football came desert. At 8:00 we all went back to the volley ball court for night volleyball. Then we had a campfire. Everyone slept well that night. Over all the Nam patrol won the cooking competition with all the other patrols tying for 2nd place. The competition was fierce and all the dinners and desserts were excellent. Sunday morning we broke camp, took the troop picture and left.

Submitted by NAM Patrol 9/22/2010

Additional Report

Turkey Shoot at Fort Steuben Scout Reservation: We had a great time at the Turkey Shoot, the turnout was the largest ever and so the event lasted longer than expected nd some scouts got a little bored. For dinner on Saturday, the scouts were challenged to cook a meal and dessert using recipes. It would be a contest with prizes given for 1st and 2nd place. Well, the scouts took and challenge and ran with it. Here is a run down of the meal by patrol (some the best eating ever).....
NAM - Chicken Stir-Fry over rice with cherry cobbler dessert (very tasty meal, the dessert would have knocked them out of 1st place had we put a time limit on the cooking. NAM placed 1st overall by a whisker)
The next three patrol cook groups tied for 2nd place (no kidding, the judges scores the meal and dessert separately and added the numbers)
Senior - Beef Stew with peach cobbler for dessert (best beef stew we've seen on a boy scout outing! However, the "extra protein" in the cobbler knocked them out of 1st place)
Polaris - Chilli and corn bread with apple pie for dessert (the apple pie was made from scratch, another 1st on a boy scout outing)
Dragons/Desert Storm - Lemon Chicken, mashed potatoes and vegetable medley with blueberry cobbler for dessert (the recipe for the meal was inspired by one of the scout's brother who is a chef. AND, the mashed potatoes were made from potatoes not powdered)

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October 2010 - Backpacking Overnighter

We arrived at the trailhead and hit the trail at about ten o’clock. Unfortunately we took a wrong turn on the trail and hiked a two-mile loop back to the parking lot. Then again for the second time we started hiking down the trail at eleven thirty o’clock. Then after a long four-mile hike we all arrived at our campsite at two o’clock in the morning. Surprisingly we all kept quiet and did not wake up any of the other campers in the camp! Then at two thirty we all hit the sacks.
In the morning we all woke to a beautiful site of fog on the lake, and some scouts where skipping rocks on the water. Then after breakfast we all played an exciting game of capture the flag till lunch at twelve o’clock. After lunch some scouts took a dip in the very cool water. Then later we had a rock-skipping contest, which was a big hit. Then when it got dark we had a campfire on the beach.
We woke up at five thirty in the mourning and packed up, and left the campsite at seven o'clock. We toughed out a slow up hill four-mile hike back to the trailhead. Then the troop went to Mass, and then later went to Wendy’s for lunch. After driving four hours we arrived back at the parking lot at five thirty in the afternoon.

Submitted by Desert Storm Patrol 11/8/2010

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October 2010 - Court of Honor

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Scoutmaster Minute

November 2010 - Wilderness Skills Overnighter

The Outing began at the Lewis's house; we hiked ten minutes into the woods, and then the patrol leaders (with the help of Mr. Lewis) divided the patrols into different areas for camping. Each patrol set up their tarps and bear bags, and went off (in turn) to a small mock disaster; after which, there was a troop game of 'Infiltration'.

The next morning, we ate breakfast and then had a mock disaster. This was won by the combined patrols-Dragons and NAM; they scored almost as high as possible! We had lunch, and then had a fun time building our shelters. After we were all done (or almost done) building our shelters, we had a flint and steel fire building competition. We all finished the (or in the case of Senior Patrol-paused the) building of our shelters, for a delicious dinner! After dinner we had a great campfire, and then played a fun game of 'Underground Church'. After a great, fun filled, exciting day, we all 'hit the hay', or for most of us, hit the bag, preparing for a wonderful sleep, under our natural shelters.

In the morning, we had breakfast and took down our shelters. Then we packed our things, and headed up the trail……waiting expectantly for the next Wilderness Survival Outing.

Submitted by Polaris Patrol 12/01/2010

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December 2010 - Carnegie Science Center Sportsworks Day Outing

We arrived at the Science Center in Pittsburgh around 10:00AM. After registration, we walked over to the new Sports Works building where we went over the safety rules. We then went around with our buddies to the different activities. There was the big trampoline with the bungee cords, the rollercoaster simulator, and the rock climbing. In the pitching area, Peter Hostetler threw two strikes both 69 mph. A few new things were the giant operation game, the "body cam" simulator, and the boyo, which is basically a big, up-side-down yoyo and you hold on the string as it goes. Over all, the best thing was the big hockey game. Twelve of us would use the players to score as many goals as we could in each 5 minute game. Thankfully, no one got hurt and everyone had a blast.

Submitted by Dragons Patrol 12/17/2010

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December 2010 - Ad Altare Dei Catholic REligious Award Retreat

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