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Boy Scouts of America - Troop 401 - Steubenville, Ohio

January 5, 2008 - Junior Leader Training

New location. New theme. New talks. New Year of Scouting. This year's JLT was a time of learning, fellowship, and motivation. Held in the Seminar Room in St. Joseph Center at Franciscan University, this year's theme was Motivation through Communication. Talks by Mr. J.P. Rigaud and two of Troop 401's own Eagle Scouts, Ben Almeida and Mark Schreck, gave the scouts who attended very helpful tips on motivating their patrol and troop. The fourteen boys who attended this training were taught about useful characteristics to help lead and encourage our troop, shown effective ways to get boys excited about Scouting, and told how they can become better leaders. They participated in a variety of activities to help emphasize this theme of motivation and sharpen their leadership abilities. All had their fair share of free time, spent playing dodge ball by most. In the evening, scouts enjoyed pizza and soda for dinner. Afterwards, as tradition has it, a round table (rectangular table) was formed to discuss issues, such as advancement and meetings. As the scouts went home, I am sure all learned something from this great experience. They will now be better equipped and ready to lead Troop 401 through 2008 and beyond.

Submitted by Senior Patrol

January 2008 - Annual Ohio River Valley Council Klondike Derby

On this outing we did many fun activities including shooting, balancing our sled on a beam, and lashings. Points were tallied at each of the stations and the patrol with the most points scored received a trophy. This klondike, the winner was are very own Senior patrol. The best part at the awards was when the announcer said '"For first place from Troop 401". Our entire Troop cheered even before he announced the patrol. It didn't matter which patrol as long as it was one of ours. That is why I think the klondike is one of the best outings.

Submitted by Polaris Patrol

Note - The Senior patrol's overall win gives them back-to-back overall victories! Congratulations on a job well done!

February 2008 - Third Annual Junior Leader "Cabin" Outing

On this outing the Patrol Leader Council or PLC gets together to play long strategy games and stay up till 3 A.M. all within a cabin. The first night we were there the door to the cabin was locked. We had to wait nigh on 30 minutes before someone came and opened the door for us. The food was excellent the games long and the curfew nonexistent. All in all this outing was a hit.

Submitted by Polaris Patrol

March 2008 - Shooting (Rocketry) Outing

We arrived at the camp at 6:15 and pitched camp. As it was raining we went to bed early. We got up at 7:30 although there was a small disturbance around 3:00am which was caused by a energized bunny and... After breakfast clean up we had advancement time until around 10:00 when we started working on the patrol catapults. At 12:00 we had lunch and then went on to rocket shooting.
That lasted till 4:00, then patrols finished their catapults. At 5:00 we ate dinner and then we tested catapults. After a game of capture the flag we went to bed and there were no noises this night. We left camp at 9:00 and got home at 10:00. This was a great outing.

Submitted by NAM Patrol

April 2008 - Bike Hike Overnighter

Members of Troop 401 glanced at the serene natural beauty of Pennsylvania. The wind whips by, the gravel crunches, and the bikers from our troop eat up another chunk of The Great Allegheny Passage. The adventurous group set out from Steubenville to Meyersdale, PA. They arrived at the relatives of a scout whose generously allowed to camp on their land, as well as providing cupcakes and refreshment after their Saturday bike ride. The troop bike 27 miles on Saturday, viewing magnificent scenery and amazing structures, including the Big Savage Tunnel, around 0.6 miles long, and the Salisbury Viaduct, a bridge over a third of a mile long. Traditionally, the troop ate in Maryland, just a few feet beyond the Mason-Dixon Line. On the way back, it's always nice to cross the Eastern Continental Divide and go downhill back to Meyersdale. Returning to camp, the scouts played games like football and volleyball. The scouts went to bed exhausted-and woke up to a pleasant rain. They hurriedly got their tents down and gear into the vehicles, ate a quick breakfast, cleaned up, thanked the hosts, and headed to mass at St. Joan of Arc Church. They stopped for Wendy's on the way home. Arriving at St. Joseph's Center on time, the scouts were excited about biking but ready to see their families once again. This outing should be one of the most memorable in a scout's mind.

Submitted by Senior Patrol

May 2008 - Long Hike Backpack Overnighter

This outing had to be canceled due to less than four scouts signing up to go. :(

June 2008 - Annual Scout Retreat

We left the Saint Joseph's Center parking lot at around five thirty P.M. and arrived at Saint Michael's Church at around seven thirty. We then brought the food into the mess hall and then commenced pitching our tents on the hill above the church. After a little bit of free time we filed into the church and said evening prayer and went to confession. After that everyone assembled in the mess hall to meet other scouts and to form patrols for the retreat. As usual, Troop 401 made up about ninety percent of the scouts on the retreat. There were only three scouts from other troops. The four patrols that were formed were named Desert Storm, the Tee Shirt patrol, the Knights patrol, and Vievele Fatigaie (it means life to the tired in French). We were then given ice cream and were sent to bed soon after.

The next day we woke up, had morning prayer, and ate breakfast. Each patrol then went to the activities . There were four different stations, including a compass course, a stretcher course, a course where everyone participating had a certain disability such as being blind or having a broken leg. The last station involved picking up rubber bugs in a small pool with your feet. Vievele Fatigaie got the best over all score, with the Knights and Desert Storm trailing close behind in a tie for second.
Right before lunch the Bishop gave a talk on the virtue of hope, and unfortunately he had to leave soon after. That afternoon we did an activity in which we made bracelets and key-chains out of leather and making a decoration out of feathers. We then did the stations of the cross up the large hill behind our camp. When we came back we had some free time and then we had dinner. After dinner we had a talk on vocations, said evening prayer and then we played football. We then had a session of the Dead Theologians Society and were "visited" by Saint Boniface. We then played under-ground church and messed around until bed time.

The next morning we ate breakfast and some people left early. The remainder went to nine o'clock mass and then cleaned up the area and divided up the extra food. We then were able to leave an hour early and arrived at the Saint Joseph Center's parking lot at around one.

Submitted by Dragons Patrol

July 2008 - Ohio River Valley Council Summer Camp

We arrived Sunday at around one in the afternoon and checked in. We then dropped our gear off at camp and went to get our medical bracelets and complete the swim test. We then did whatever we wanted until dinner. There was a campfire afterwards. The next day we began our merit badge classes. We were stuck in the dining hall for two hours after dinner because of a thunder storm. Tuesday was the medieval theme day and we had mass before dinner. Wednesday day was family day and we ate at the campsite. The OA tap-out ceremony was held at the camp fire that night. Thursday was the night of the canoe outpost.. Friday was the last day of merit badge classes. After dinner, the Staff volley ball team beat the 401 A team(barely). The Logan Ceremony was held that night. On Saturday we packed up and headed out after breakfast. It was a very productive summer camp, and we are looking foreword to the next one.

Submitted by Dragons Patrol

August 2008 - Annual Senior Scout Outing

On August 8, senior scouts of Troop 401 set out for the senior outing, a backpacking trip at John Saylor trail in Gallitzin State Forest in PA. After arriving at the trail head we ate lunch then started our hike. We hiked a very enjoyable 7 miles before coming upon our campsite; the site was excellent with a large stream and a suspension bridge. After a wonderful dinner the scouts relaxed and played cards until it was time to bed down. In the morning we took our time getting up, so around 11:00 the scouts started a 5 mile loop hike, though some of the boys ran the whole thing. When we got back we ate a fast lunch before heading out for the next campsite, and after about 4 miles we reached the site in time for dinner. After the meal we played cards and talked, then later some scouts played a game around the campfire with the leaders. That night there was a thunder storm but that didn't dampen our spirits for the final mile to the trailhead. It wasn't long before we were in the parking area getting ready for mass in Johnstown, after mass we stopped for a fast food lunch before heading home. The senior outing was a great success and a lot of fun.

Submitted by the Senior Patrol

September 2008 - Sports / Service Outing

The September outing was a sports / work outing. We arrived at six or six fifteen and set up our tents, the dining fly and got out our snacks.That night we played underground church and had fun. Saturday morning we had breakfast, cleaned up and then went to work. We split into groups and did different jobs till lunch. After lunch we all got a free ice cream and then played sports.We played volleyball, soccer, and football then went back to camp to prepare for dinner. After we had eaten and cleaned up we played more football and then played infiltration. Sunday morning we ate breakfast broke camp and left by nine o clock. In all it was a fun outing. (Editor's note - one thing the scouts forgot to mention was the fact that the scouts challenged the adult leaders to a sand volleyball game and the adult leaders beat them two straight. Not quite sure why they left this improtant information out of the report. wink-wink :) )

Submitted by NAM Patrol

October 2008 - Long Hike Backpack Overnighter

On Friday, it was wet, drizzly and dark when we got into camp at nine. We had our snack, hung our bear bags, made a fire, sang some songs and then went to bed. Saturday, we got up at seven, had breakfast, packed up and started hiking. It rained most of the day. (It was rumored that our Scoutmaster was using an umbrella attached to his head to stay dry but you had th be there to know for sure as no photos were taken.) We stopped after six miles at a pond and had lunch and then refilled our water bottles. After lunch we continued hiking for six miles before we got to our next campsite. We ate diner then went to bed. Sunday mornig, we woke up at six, had breakfast, hiked six miles to get to the cars, changed clothes, and then went home. Along the way we climbed a big hill, at the top of which was an amazing view of the river below.

Submitted by Dragons Patrol

November 2008 - Science Center Day Outing

The science center outing was one of the finest outings I have ever been on. We arrived at ten o-clock then went inside and registered. After we had finished putting our stuff in lockers we picked buddies and went to see the sights. The most popular thing was a game that was an outer space fighting game. Every time anyone went there they had to wait in line to play. After we had eaten lunch we watched "The Alps", in the OmniMax theatre then spent the rest of the day having fun. We left at 4:30pm and went to Wendy's for dinner. It was a very fun day.

Submitted by Senior Patrol

December 2008 - Climbing Wall Day Outing

The rock climbing outing is held at a rock climbing gym in Pittsburgh. We left the St. Joseph Center at Franciscan University at 11:00 AM on December, 6, 2008. We got to the gym at 12:00 PM and started climbing rocks. The rocks have courses marked out in colored tape and are labled from easiest to hardest. Most of the courses are marked for both hands and feet but a few are for just feet and many of our guys tried one of them, though only a few got to the top. The scouts held competitions on climbing speed and ability. After climbing for five and a half hours we headed for home. On the way back we stoped at Wendys fast food in Steubenville and after eating we were picked up at the St Joseph center.

This outing is a favorite of everybody and is hoped to be continued anually.

Submitted by NAM Patrol

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