Troop Outing / Activity Archive 2007

Boy Scouts of America - Troop 401 - Steubenville, Ohio

January 13, 2007 - Junior Leader Training

The 2007 junior leader training was a fun, but learning experience. We started the day with a mass. After mass we had tallks and games.The talks were about leadership, what leadership is and means,the different positions in scouting, their responsibilities , and why you should run for positions. The games were fun, but they helped you learn to obey the leader and be a leader. Then we had dinner and did skits. After the skits we had a round table. The day was enjoyable, but helped us learn a lot about being a good leader.

Submitted by Polaris Patrol

January 2007 - Annual Ohio River Valley Council Klondike Derby

This year's Klondike was lots of fun! We arrived at around 6:30 in the scoutcraft area of Fort Steuben scout reservation. We set up camp and after a short campfire went to bed. We got up at 6:30 and the race began at 8:30. We followed the stations with no particular order and NAM excelled in lighting matches with a hatchet(9). By the end of the day we were very tired but after the prize giving we were jubilant! Senior had won first place! We went to bed tired but happy. We woke up next morning and struck camp.

The Klondike was GREAT!!!!!!!!! GO SENIOR!!!!!!!!!!

Written by NAM Patrol - 2/15/2007

February 2007 - Second Annual Junior Leader "Cabin" Outing

We held our annual cabin outing at Grandview Park WV. It was a great success rewarding our leader scouts for their service. The outing was full of games and good food. Not a scout went to bed before 1:30 either night. We played both capture the flag and infiltration and we made up and played a game that was a mix of the two at one point. "Axis and Allies" was a popular game, lasting most of Saturday. This outing is one of our favorites and will be looked forward to until next year.

Submitted by Senior Patrol - 3/5/2007

March 2007 - Short Hike Backpacking Outing

The original Backpack Outing we scheduled got canceled because of severe weather. Instead we had a day outing at Fernwood State Forest. We went on a five-mile hike and had lunch on the trail. We had a good time and it was fun.

Submitted by Polaris Patrol - 3-23-07

April 2007 - Cooking Skills Overnighter

For this cooking outing we divided the troop:
Nam and Senior-Poldra were the two cooking groups.

The leaders were judges, they gained a few pounds,
With the competition going one day in four rounds.

At breakfast Nam's waffles really were great,
With fruit and whipped cream piled high on the plate.

Poldra thought that their french toast couldn't lose
With sausage and bacon among which to choose.

Nam won, but for lunch Poldra left with the prize,
With personal 'hobo' pizza pies.

Nam, though, was close with a Mexican spread:
'Cheesy chips' and burritos- we all were well fed!

In the afternoon building catapults was the mission;
Nam's was best, but soon for dinner we were wishin'.

At dinner again competition was hot,
Nam won with pot roast, carrots, onions
And potatoes from the pot.

Poldra had sauce and ground beef in two pans:
The enchiladas they made also won many fans.

Dessert was absolutely delicious
(But not at all nutritious):
Poldra made donuts with cherry pie filling and pineapple rings;
The leaders had never seen such things!
In the end Nam's pink cherry cobbler won the war;
Really spectacular food was what this outing was for!
It may have been windy and cold and wet,
But the food made it the best cooking outing yet.

Report submitted by NAM Patrol

May 2007 - Bike Trip Overnighter

On Friday the 4th those of us who were attending the outing gathered in the JC Willams Center parking lot and began loading up our bikes and equipment. Just as we were finishing we heard a hissing sound coming form the trailer that the bikes were on; it was a bike tire! Mr. Rigaud was glad to fix the bike tire, after it was fixed we piled into the vans and left.

When we arrived at the campsite we set up our tents, ate a snack, had a campfire, then went to bed. Early the next morning we got up, had breakfast, then left for the trail. Once we were at the trailhead we mounted our bikes and began our trip. We biked for a few hours, then through the Savage tunnel, then after we crossed the Mason-Dixon line into Maryland we had lunch on a helipad. After lunch we started biking again, after a few more hours of biking we arrived at the cars ready for rest after biking 27 miles.

When we arrived back at camp we were tired and ready for dinner. After dinner was finished we had another campfire then went to bed. On Sunday morning we got up, ate breakfast, swept the camp, then went to Mass. After Mass we went to Wendys for lunch then relaxed on the car ride home.

Report submitted by Dragons Patrol

June 2007 - Fun/Sports Overnighter

This outing was one of the best I have ever been on. When we first got there, we went through the usual routine of unpacking and setting up our tents. Then we got right into the sports. Among the collection of sports we played, volley ball was the one we played the longest, then ultimate frisbee, then basketball. On Saturday morning we had advancement, then fire building. We all had fun with that and a few senior scouts kept a fire burning for nigh on 20 minutes. Overall, we all had an awesome outing.

Report submitted by Polaris Patrol

July 2007 - Ohio River Valley Council Summer Camp

This year's Summer Camp was as great as ever. Therefore I am only going to cover the highlights. To start our troop was the largest at camp our week and the largest there any of the weeks. Many thanks are owed to the adult leaders who were with us through the week. They kept the troop organized, on schedule, took care of camp paperwork, and singed of on requirements. The days were uneventful. They were mostly spent going to merit badge classes and working on advancement or merit badge homework. Aside from all the highlights of each individual throughout the week most of the troops major highlights came in the evenings, almost one every night.

Most troops do either the morning or evening camp-wide flag ceremony once during the week. We were assigned Monday night. Our flag ceremony was the best all week in precision, clarity, and general proper procedure. Also, on Monday there was a camp-wide game called a Staff Hunt. It was a large game of Hide-and-Go-Seek where the camp staff hid and members of each troop had to find them. We won.

On Tuesday night we had a troop campfire to which two staff came. From Tuesday on the staff were trying to coordinate a camp wide volleyball tournament. Unfortunately other events postponed it and it was never completed, however we believe that if it would have been completed we would have triumphed.

On Wednesday night was family night. Many of the scouts' families came out to camp and there was a camp-wide campfire. At the campfire's end we had two of our scouts (Jose and Big Jim) Called Out. This is the first step in becoming part of the Order of the Arrow, scouting national honor society.

On Thursday night there was an optional camp-wide canoe trip which some of us went on. Also, there was the Wilderness Survival outpost which two of our scout attended.

On Friday there was the camp-wide Iron Man Competition. It is a combination of a five mile run, a three mile canoe lap, and a one mile swim. One of our scouts competed, achieving second place after canoeing and extra mile and a half through no fault of his own. Friday evening was the camp honors program ceremonies. The program is a five year program named after Chief Logan. We participated as a troop and had 22 of our 25 scouts go through the ceremonies.

A major part of Summer Camp is Advancement. In this we excelled. In addition to getting countless numbers of requirements singed off, our scouts completed 84 merit badges, one had an his Eagle Project approved, six completed ranks, three completed Kayaking BSA and one completed the BSA mile Swim.

The troop spent its free time working on advancement, shooting at the shotgun, archery and rifle ranges, boating, swimming, working on merit badges, playing volleyball, bat-bottle-ball, chess, and Egyptian Ratslap, and having lots of other fun. Overall the week was a blast. We believe that we are the best troop in the Ohio Valley and we hope to attend Camp next year to continue this legacy.

Submitted by the Senior Patrol

August 2007 - Scout Retreat Camping

The August outing was the Bishop's retreat. We arrived on Friday at 7:30pm.We set up camp and had a snack of hot-dogs then we had evening prayer. The next morning we had prayer and then breakfast . After breakfast we had the Amazing Grace (race) activity. After the race we had Mass with the Bishop then we had lunch. After lunch we had the Stations of the Cross also with the Bishop. After the stations we did rosary patches. After the rosary patches we had a game of football. Then we had dinner. Sunday morning we had mass with the Bishop and a quick breakfast. After breakfast we packed up and went home. That outing was one of the best.

Submitted by NAM Patrol

September 2007 - Wilderness Skills Camping

Troop 401 held it's annual Wilderness survival outing in September at Fernwood State Forest. It was an outing to remember, as it was full of games, advancement and even a lost leader scout skills. We played both Capture the flag and Infiltration, both traditional Troop 401 games. We held a five mile hike with map and compass to fulfill a requirement. While on the hike, some of the boys found their ten signs animals to fulfill another requirement. We conducted a lost leader rescue drill which included building a stretcher, moving the victim from the woods and treating him with first aid, and building a fire. The outing was unique in three new inventions. The first was a campfire game made up by one of our senior scouts, the second a hammock bed shelter made from a tarp and rope, and the third was a game of bottle golf invented by NAM patrol. In all it was a great outing with many fun memories.

Submitted by Senior Patrol

October 2007 - Short Hike Backpacking Camping Trip

The October Outing was a backpacker. When we first got their, we hiked into camp and set up all of our tents. The next day we ate, did some advancement and played our game. After we had our lunch we went on another hike, this time without our backpacks, and when we got back we ate dinner, played some more games and had our bonfire. The next morning we ate breakfast, packed up our tents and hiked back to our cars. On our way back home we stopped for Mass and we ate at Wendy's. All in all it was a very fun outing.

Submited by Polaris Patrol

November 2007 - Caving Day Outing

The November caving outing was one of the best outing ever! We met in the St. Josphe center and anxiously awaited the arrival of our comrades and rides. Once everybody was there, we hopped into the cars and began our trip. The ride was long and boring, but this would be counter balanced by our time in the caves.

Once there, we had to wait FOREVER. There were many other groups of people ahead of us, so we simply bided our time and relaxed. After the other groups finished we excitedly entered the cave. We hiked, crawled and climbed our way through the wondrous caverns. After a few hours we began our trek back and returned to the surface for a well earned meal. This was a very enjoyable outing, and I believe all the others would agree.

Submitted by Dragons Patrol

December 2007 - Climbing Wall Day Outing

The December outing was a rock climbing outing. We arrived at eleven thirty and then ate our lunch. When it opened, at twelve,we went in and got our shoes and helmets. The climbing walls were 14 to 16 feet tall, but the floor was bouncy so you could jump without getting hurt. There were different patterns some were easy and some were hard, but only the best climbers cold climb the hardest ones. We climbed till five thirty then went to Wendy's for dinner. It was one of the funnest outings.

Submitted by NAM Patrol

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