Troop Outing / Activity Archive 2006

Boy Scouts of America - Troop 401 - Steubenville, Ohio

January 7, 2006 - Junior Leader Training

The Junior Leader Training Day is a time when all the leaders in the troop spend a day together listening to talks and learning leadership skills. It was a long day, but we had fun. These skills are important. We will use these skills for the rest of our lives.

January 2006 - Annual Council Klondike Derby

Winter skipped the last week in January, but that didn't stop our troop. Taking place January 27th-29th, the Klondike Derby went exceptionally well for Troop 401. The four patrols fought and performed excellent, placing Troop 401 in the Top 3 in almost every event. Events at this year's Klondike Derby, which took place at Sandscrest, included lashing, fire-building, orienteering, first aid, tent pitching, 2-man sawing, and dogsled racing stations. Troop 401 completely dominated at the lashing post and the dogsled race.
In the end, overall Senior Patrol took the third spot, and NAM Patrol earned second place. Next year: the podium entirely won by Troop 401!
Arriving Friday evening, Troop 401 pitched camp, went to a 'Leave No Trace' talk, and ate their snack. After a quick game of Infiltration, the troop rested up for the Klondike Derby. Saturday morning the patrols ate breakfast, prepared their sleds, and step off to the opening ceremony.
The patrols went to their stations in an assigned order, performing incredibly. Lunch came and went, and for the afternoon the patrols ran around to their last stations. The weather was warm, but the snowless day didn't weaken our patrols. The awards ceremony was suspenseful, and in the end Troop 401 did remarkable. Going back to a rewarding dinner, the troop had a campfire and then split into scouts going to bed, those wanting to rest around the warm fire, and those able to run around in another game of Infiltration. They went to bed, exhausted but pleased. They left Sunday morning, proud of their accomplishments.

February 2006 - Second Annual Junior Leader "Cabin" Outing

The Junior Leader Cabin Outing was great. To go you must hold a position for the six month period and go to the Junior Leader training. We had an awesome time from just sitting around to staying up late, playing Risk for 7 hours, poker, or maybe it was the ice cream for breakfast. But, over all the Junior Leader Cabin Outing was a great time to be with friends. I'd advise anyone eligible to hold a position to run for it so you can go to one of the best outings ever.

Written by NAM Patrol - 9/8/2006

February 2006 / April 2006 - Merit Badge College

The Merit Badge College is a time where Troops from all over our district come to work on Merit Badges. This year the location was Franciscan University of Steubenville. It was hard work, but it's worth 1 to 4 Merit Badges!

March 2006 - Caving Day Outing

The March outing was a caving outing at Laurel Caverns which was in Pennsylvannia. When we arrived we got a talk from our guide about safety in the cave. The guide also gave us hard hats. Then we went down into the cave. The guide showed us around the cave. There were some parts in the cave that were so small that we needed to crawl on our stomachs. We saw bats and water falls. We were in the caves for around 2 3/4 hours. This outing was one of the most fun outings we've ever been on.

April 2006 - Short Hike Backpacking Trip

Hello! I am doing a sharing on the April 2006 short backpacker. We got there and hiked one mile to our campsite. We set our tents up and made a campfire, in which we sang songs, played campfire games, and finally went to bed. We got up Saturday morning and made breakfast. After breakfast, we did advancement and afterwards played a superb game of capture the flag. After lunch, we went on a superb seven mile hike (without backpacks). We got back to camp, ate dinner, and played a superb game. Then we had a superb campfire and went to bed. We got up Sunday morning and ate a superb breakfast. We hiked out. This was my first outing and I thought it was SUPERB!

Written by Polaris Patrol

May 2006 - Long Hike Backpacking Trip

The May long backpacker was held at John Saylor Trail in Pennsylvania. The forecast for that weekend was all rain. It was dark and raining by the time we had started the hike in. That night our morale was low with the prospect of a miserable weekend to come. The next morning came full of sunshine and only a few rain clouds in sight. We happily set off on a warm day. We ate a leisurely lunch by a suspended bridge. We moved on and found a beautiful campsite for the night. The next morning we hiked a short distance back to the trailhead. Just as we got into the cars it began to pour down rain. Overall it was a wonderful weekend of hiking.

Written by NAM Patrol

June 2006 - Canoeing Overnighter

We arrived at Fort Steuben at 5:30 and set up camp. We had a campfire after mass and went to bed. We woke up at 6:30 and after breakfast and a talk on water safety we set out. We arrived at our destination and had mass. We had lunch and then set back. We arrived at about 4:00. While the cooks did their duty and Father gave confessions the other scouts played volleyball. After a campfire we went to bed. We left on Sunday morning and reached St. Joseph's Center at 9:30.

Written by NAM Patrol - 12/4/2006

July 2006 - Ohio River Valley Council Summer Camp

One of the most exciting and memorable outings of the every Scouting year is Summer Camp. This year was no exception.
Arriving on Sunday, Troop 401 once again camped at Mohican Campsite, voted one of the best sites in Fort Steuben Scout Reservation, where the ORVC Council's Summer Camps take place. From July 9th to the 15th, Boy Scouts from all over the council came to achieve merit badges, work on their next rank, and, as always, have a good time. The theme for this camp was pirates, and the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" was shown. The rain showed some mercy this year, but a few of the days were quite dreary. The week opened with a campfire hosted by the camp staff. Parent's night was on Wednesday, when Scout families got to tour the camp. The day ended with a campfire. Troop 401 had a group of guys who got to go on either an overnight canoe or backing trip and all seemed to have a great time. Food was good, but all the Scouts missed the home-cooked meals back with their family. Troop 401 has been to summer camp 14 years, and they hope to continue going.

Written by NAM Patrol - 9/8/2006

September 2006 - ORVC Fall Camporee

After leaving the St. Joseph Center parking lot Friday evening, we arrived at FSSR and set up camp amid the other troops that were there. We played infiltration once it was dark. After that, we had a snack and hung around camp. The next morning we woke up and had breakfast. We then had a flag ceremony with the other troops. We received our directions on what we were to do after that. Our troop first went to the shotgun range. There we learned how to aim, load and fire a shotgun, as well as operate the machines that launched the clay pigeons. Then we went to the trapping station, where we learned how to make a fox trap. Once that was done we walked over to the archery station. There we learned how to put an arrow on the string of the bow, aim, and then fire. We got done early so we had some free shooting before lunch. After lunch we went to the rifle range, where we learned how to shoot rifles. We then proceeded to the boat safety station where we were taught about different types of life jackets, as well as how to enter and exit a canoe safely. We finally made our way to the fishing station. There we practiced casting and reeling in a fishing rod. We then cleaned some litter that the person in charge of the fishing station had hid around the area to test our scout skills. After returning to camp, we had dinner. Once it got dark, we played a short game of infiltration. The next morning on Sunday, we ate breakfast and broke camp. We then returned home.

Written by Dragons Patrol - 1/29/2007

October 2006 - Troop Wilderness Skills Overnighter

The October 2006 wilderness skills outing was an outing to remember, being the most inclined to actual wilderness survival the troop has ever had. First, to avoid camping out of the car we backpacked to Scoutcraft from the parking lot. Next we set up tarp shelters. After that we played a game new to the troop, Underground Church, which was a hit. The objective was for one team (the church) to group before the other team (the guards) caught all of them. To add additional fun there is a traitor who is a church member working for the guards and a Christ bearer (I think he represents the priest) which has to be in the group of church at the end for them to win. The church won and then we had a campfire. The next morning many of the scouts were up before dawn. This phenomenon was the result of not building shelters which would keep enough wind out.
Saturday's schedule was packed to the gills. To start the day came breakfast followed by a one mile orienteering course in which the patrols competed. We, the Senior Patrol, were split up, or we would have won. Therefore, Nam won. Everyone did an outstanding job on the course, considering orienteering has not been covered lately in the troop meetings. After this the patrols started building shelters made out of natural materials (not tarps); needless to say these were a considerable improvement on those of the previous night. This was followed by lunch which in turn was followed by the finishing of the shelters. Next we had a fire building contest won by Senior Patrol. This was followed by a game of Capture the Flag which unfortunately broke up due to lack of interest. Next came dinner which, like lunch, was made over the open fire. Later that night we played another game of Underground Church which was followed by a campfire. Due to the packed day everyone was tired and we ended up going to bed by ten-thirty. Also during the day, we had a competition hosted by one of our assistant Scout Masters to see who could build the best camp gadget out of lashings. This resulted in a tie between our Senior Patrol Leader and our Troop Guide. The next morning we tore down our shelters (to leave no trace), packed up and left. Over all, the outing was a success and one to remember with rousing campfires, new games, and fun competitions. It would also make a great outing to repeat and I hope we can do so soon.

Written by the Senior Patrol

November 2006 - Short Hike Backpacking Overnighter

This outing was a BIG HIT! Too bad one of our drivers had to crash the party. Our transport vehicles were involved in a traffic accident just outside of Pittsburgh cutting our outing short. This was a first for our troop, one which which we would rather have done without. Fortunately no one was hurt and everyone was home by 8:30pm Friday evening.

Written by Polaris Patrol

December 2006 - Carnegie Science Center Day Outing

Our troop gathered at St. Joseph's center on the morning of Saturday, December 2nd anticipating a fun day at the Carnegie Science Center. We piled in the cars and journeyed to the center. We spent the first half of the day in the Science Center exploring the wonders of our world. Then we ate lunch. After lunch, we walked to the Sports Works building which is across the parking lot from the Science Center. In Sports Works we were able to participate in many activities ranging from playing miniature golf to riding a simulated rollercoaster to playing virtual volleyball. After spending our last few hours in this unique playground, we reentered our cars and started the return trip. On the way home we stopped at Wendy's for dinner. After eating our fill, we returned to St. Joseph's Center where we said our farewells and each went to our separate homes satisfied with a fun and instructive day.

Written by Senior Patrol - 3/5/2007

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