Troop Outing / Activity Archive 2005

Boy Scouts of America - Troop 401 - Steubenville, Ohio

January 3, 2005 - Eagle Court of Honor

We honored two of the Troop's most recent Eagle Scouts in January. The ceremony started with the blessing of the badges by Fr. Richard Tuttle, pastor of Holy Family Church, followed by the awards ceremony. During the ceremony, the mothers of Michael Feeley and Ben Almeida pinned the Eagle Medals on the honorees. Below, Michael feeley shares some words with those in attendance while Ben Almeida looks on. Congratulations to both of you for your hard work!

January 2005 - Annual Council Klondike Derby

Perfect weather for a Klondike Derby! Snow with a high of 30 and low of 10 degrees! Eighteen scouts attended and not one of them froze. In the words of our theologian assistant scoutmaster, "Many were cold but few were frozen". (We seem to recall something like that in the bible.)

On Friday we got to Fort Steuben and set up camp in the pines near Scoutcraft. Fort Steuben had a new trail running from the Ampitheater past the adirondacks and Fuzzy's house to the "turkey farm". On Saturday we hit the new trail. The first station we went to was Bear Bag it was fun and also was run by our troop. Then we went to Carnival games, Pole Raising and Hot Isotope. After that we tried to go to lunch but problems reading the map caused us to get in late. On our way to the Hatchet Throw we sent Francis and another to get a list of things we needed to get for Scavenger Hunt. Next we went to Hatchet Throw and lashings where we had to lash to two poles and carry a person about 150 ft. We chose Daniel to be carried. Then we went to Physical Games that turned out to be crab soccer. We went to a memory game at the adirondacks and ate. This was mandatory because the camp wanted to make sure that we had enough food in us. Then we were going to go to Scavenger Hunt and drop off the items we had and we noticed that we had lost our bag that had all our Scavenger Hunt items in it. So Francis and Gabe retraced our steps. When they did not come back by around 3:00 we sent Ben and Daniel to the scavenger hunt station with the items we had, and they were to find other things on the way while we stayed at the sled. When Francis and Gabe got back to the sled we went back to camp. We stayed in camp for about an hour and went to the presentation of awards. Unfortunately our troop did not win anything, but all three Troop 401 patrols placed in the top 10. Then we went back to camp, ate diner and cleaned up. As for when we went to bed a few arms had to be twisted to keep the troop from going to bed before 9 o'clock. Everyone was tried. On Sunday we struck camp and left for home. Written by PolDra Patrol (Polaris & Dragons)

February 2005 - First Annual Junior Leader "Cabin" Outing

We were treated to luxury accomodations at the Sacred Heart retreat House in Belpre, Ohio. All scouts who served on the Patrol Leader Council during the last year were invited to spend the weekend at the retreat house relaxing and just having fun. The hit activites were eating, poker, pool, swimming, indoor capture the flag and, oh, did we say eating? Many thanks to Nicholas Seliga who handled the food buying and most of the cooking, snaking arrangements including some unknown hard biscuit type things he called cookies. :)

We snapped this photo just before going to Mass on Saturday evening at St. Ambrose Catholic Church. We served Pastor Fr. Dave Huffman by stuffing envelopes with a lenten devotional "black book" and putting name labels on them for all his parishoners. These were made available at all of his Masses that weekend.

Here's our weekend 'food' man, Nicholas, orchestrating 'freedom' toast for Sunday brunch. We had plenty of food and Nicholas even had plenty of margarine for the 'freedom' toast. In fact Nick's margarine was so plentiful, it was mistaken for whipped cream by the scoutmaster!

March 2005 / April 2005 - Merit Badge University

The Merit Badge College was a great opportunity to earn not only one merit badge but three badges. Another good thing about the college was you had a month to do your home work. It was a great experience and I hope to go again.

Written by Dragons Patrol

April 2005 - Scout Skills Overnighter

April found troop 401 at Fernwood State Forest. Because of thunderstorm predictions we did not leave Friday night for Fernwood as planned but arrived early Saturday morning. We set up camp and made and ate breakfast. After breakfast we practiced scout skills in lashings and knife handling. Quite a few young scouts got their Totin Chip. After lunch we went on a five-mile hike using a map and compass to fulfill a requirement for scouts working on Second Class. This hike lasted most of the afternoon and when we came back we were ready for dinner. After we washed the dinner dishes we played capture the flag. It was a great place to play. One teem had one side of the valley and the other teamgot the other half. It was a very fun game and halfway through it started to snow. In the morning we ate breakfast and struck camp without mishap. I think this was a great outing for advancement and fun. And I think everyone had a great time.
By the Patrol Leader of Nam Patrol

May 2005 - Challenge Course Day Outing

We arrived early in the morning of Saturday the 21st of May. To start the day off we did teamwork challenge courses and some games. Then we had lunch. After lunch we did the high ropes course. This entailed a challenging course with a partner. The course consisted of climbing up a rope ladder to a beam suspended between two trees. After you crossed the beam, you then climbed up some U-shaped metal "rings," in the second tree. The rings led to two cables. The cables started about two feet apart and then ran out to about eight feet apart so the only way from one end of the cables to the other was walk them as a tightrope or to lean against your partner and push out on the cables. Most of us fell in-between the cables. An approaching storm with thunder interrupted our time on the course but in the end we all got to go threw. This was the climax of the day and after all the teams went through the course we went home.

June 2005 - Short Hike Backpacking Overnighter

On June 9-11 Troop 401 was hiking at Allegheny Reservoir. We arrived at the trail head early in the afternoon and had plenty of time to hike the miles in to camp. We set up camp next to the reservoir, then we made dinner and collected fire wood. After the work was done some of us skipped rocks on the reservoir. That evening we had a great campfire with songs skits and games. The next day as soon as we were done with breakfast and washing up we played a great game of capture the flag. By the time we were done playing it was lunch time. We had a long hike scheduled after lunch but by the time lunch was over it was raining so we sat in our tents working on advancement and playing cards. We set up a tarp shelter when it got near dinner time but luckily it stopped raining as it got near dinner time. That evening we had another campfire before we went to bed. The next day we hiked back to the parking lot, got in the vans and headed for home. On the way back we stopped and looked at the dam. This outing was a very good outing packed with fun memories and I think everyone had a good time.

July 2005 - Summer Camp

2005 Summer Camp Report

I believe I speak for all the scouts who attended when I say that the 2005 summer camp was one of the best our troop has attended in recent years. We enjoyed torrential downpours, sloppy mud, tents that leaked like faucets, and brutal merit badge classes. All of which were fit into a schedule that was never boring.

For those who were not there I'd like to share a brief description of the activities our troop took part in.

After our arrival on Sunday, we took a tour of camp and went down to the lake for our swim tests. After which it rained like mad for the rest of the day but since we had all followed the scout motto and were well prepared to handle the weather, it never kept us from enjoying ourselves.

On Monday we all went off to our different merit badge classes and began to acquaint ourselves with the schedule we would be using for the rest of the week. It was not all work though, in the evening we played all sorts of games together.

Tuesday, was almost a carbon copy of Monday except that we helped the camp by participating in a service project and in the evening we carried on the troop tradition of having a campfire where we sang songs, told stories, and played out skits.

On Wednesday, most people spent their free time in between and after classes preparing for the "Family Night" activities. These preparations mostly included taking the first shower of the week and either cleaning up or trying to hide the colossal mess inside your tent, (I don't recommend the second option, at least, its never worked for me.) For entertainment, that evening we had a campfire. At it's conclusion the Order of the Arrow, the national honor program, held a ceremony to invite scouts who had shown scout spirit to become new members. Our own Thomas Dougherty was "tapped out", and has since become a full member.

The next couple of days passed as little more than a blur in my memory. On Friday evening, the Logan Honors Program took place. This is the camps way to credit those campers who follow the principals of scouting.

As I was preparing to leave on the last day of camp, I reflected on all the things I had learned, enjoyed, and shared with my fellow scouts. I only hope that those who were with me had as much fun as I did.

Submitted by Senior Patrol Member

August 2005 - Annual Catholic Scout Retreat

On this year's Annual Boy Scout Retreat, we went to the property of St. Michael's parish in Caldwell OH. We arrived at the parish, unpacked and set up camp next to an old cemetery. Our Scoutmaster Mr. Snelting was joined by Mr. Erste, Mr. Dougherty, Mr. Buck , Mr. Schreck and about 16 scouts for a weekend of prayer, fun and service. Over the weekend we enjoyed great food, Mass, opportunities for confession, talks from the leaders on our Faith and fun activities like campfires, hikes, soccer and frisbee games. We helped with a small service project demolishing an old outhouse and painting another outbuilding.

On Saturday morning some of us joined in a 5:00am 'run' around the property, which woke Bishop Conlon, something he mentioned in his homily that day! Our Senior Patrol leader Nicholas Seliga taught us to make Rosaries from knotted rope. We combined a 'Stations of the Cross' hike up a big hill with a search for wood to make the crosses for our rosaries. The day was completed with more good food and a great game of 'capture the flag'.

Sunday morning after breakfast, we joined the St. Michael's parish community for Mass before breaking camp and heading for home. This was a great outing! Special thanks to Bishop Conlon and everyone else who made this weekend possible.

September 2005 - Troop Sports Activity Day Outing

The sports day outing at Fort Steuben Scout Reservation was a great time simply to play and have fun. First, we played football, then soccer, and volleyball before lunch. After we ate, we challenged another troop that was there at the time to play football and soccer. It was great. An hour or two before it was time to leave, we had a big game of capture the flag, which was of course very fun. We all had a blast and I hope to go again next time we have a sports outing.

October 2005 - Troop Wilderness Skills Overnighter

I am writing to tell you about the October 2005 outing at Sandscrest. The outing was a wilderness survival and my first overnighter as senior patrol leader. When we got there we set up tarp shelters. Therefore, Nam, as tradition goes, built the most elaborate shelter: the Nam Hotel. That night, because the tarps were on a hill, two people rolled out of the shelters in their sleep, myself included. Saturday morning was filled with advancement with at least five cooking requirements getting signed off. One of these was First Class. Saturday afternoon we had a lost leader search. This is a game in which we get to practice our first aid skills on a leader who is pretending to be lost and injured. After that, we played two games of capture the flag in Fort Irish, which is a model of a western fort. Then we went back to camp and ate dinner. Because of other commitments that the leaders had, the outing was a Friday night-Saturday overnighter. We had a fun, but wet, time with it raining pretty well nonstop the whole outing. Overall this was a success, and I hope we can have another one in the near future.

Written by our Senior Patrol Leader

November 2005 - Two Chiefs District Search-O-Ree Overnighter

After making camp Friday night, we started Saturday morning by going to three different stations. Two were first aid and the other was orienteering. These were skills we would need for the rest of the day. Later we had a Search and Rescue where we had to find our victim, treat him with first aid and get him to safety. We had search dogs to help us. After the Rescue, a Helicopter came in and the pilot told us how they rescue people. Then we went back to camp for an hour before a pot luck dinner which was great. After dinner we went to camp and had a campfire, and after a long fun day we went to bed. In the morning after breakfast we went to a prayer serves and then left for home. The Search-o-Ree was a great outing we all had fun and at the same time learned scout skills.

December 2005 - Troop United Airlines Flight 93 Crash Site Visit and Overnighter

We left on Friday night and drove to our camp site, which was at camp Heritage in Pennsylvania. We set up our tents and got the camp fire started. It was very cold that night. On Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast. We cleaned up and headed out to
the Flight 93 crash site. It was a big and huge site. For each person that was on the flight, there was a picture with their name on a little patriotic angel. After we looked around for awhile, we gathered as a troop and said a prayer for the victims. We had lunch there, then drove back to our camp site. We played some games and had diiner. After dinner we sat around the camp fire and sang a lot of songs and went to bed early. Sunday morning we got up, ate breakfast, packed up, cleaned the site and headed on out to church, then headed back home. There was one problem on our trip. That problem was only one or two people brought their Totin'Chip card. We had plenty of kindling wood, but not a lot of logs, so our campfire was not that big and it was cold outside. But we all had a good time!!

Submitted by Polaris Patrol

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