Troop Outing / Activity Archive 2004

Boy Scouts of America - Troop 401 - Steubenville, Ohio

January 2004 - The Troop attended a council wide Klondike Derby held at Sandscrest Scout Reservation north of Wheeling, WV. The scouts were challenged in scouting skills throughout the day on Saturday with our Senior Patrol coming in first place overall. The scouts were also challenged in their cold weather camping skills as the temperatures reached down into the teens both Friday and Saturday nights.

February 2004 - A day outing to a 1000 foot long twin toboggan chute south of Cleveland provided the scouts with over 4 hours of fun, racing down the dual chutes. The weather was great for the activity, light snow and mid 30's. This was the first time for the troop and was enjoyed so much that it will be a repeater in the future.

March 2004 - Survival skills was the theme for the weekend outing. Scouts slept under tarp shelters they built themselves. Some were so large their whole patrol was able to sleep in the same shelter. Friday night was chilly with temperatures down in the upper teens with wind gusts over 20 mph. Saturday, the scouts were instructed in skills needed for survival in the wilderness and included an exercise in building a shelter without anything but what could be found in the forest. Our humorous theologian Assistant Scoutmaster had the word for the weekend - "Many are cold but few were frozen".

April 2004 - A 16 mile backpacking trip to the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail in western Pennsylvania was planned in April. Total of nine scouts and three leaders attended. Friday night's 2 mile hike into the Route 31 shelter area proved to be a challenge as the clouds were low and it became difficult to see the trail markers in the clouds especially when nightfall came. Sunny skies greeted us in the morning on Saturday and the hiking weather was perfect as we backpacked 6 miles to the turnpike shelter area. A high light of the day's hike was crossing the PA Turnpike via a special footbridge. That evening we had a great campfire, sharing songs and stories and playing "Three Scout Leaders on a log" (a game where the scout leaders think of a famous person and the scouts try to guess their names with yes / no questions). Rain came on Sunday morning as we packed up for the 8 mile backpack hike out. It rained off and on which helped keep us cool during the hike. We had our hiking legs on as we were able to keep a 2 mile an hour average pace getting back to the trailhead by 11:45am. After stopping at Wendys for lunch, we attended mass at the Franciscan University of Steubenville before meeting up with parents for the trip home.

May 2004 - We camped at Fort Steuben Scout Reservation. The focus was on pioneering. Each patrol honed their lashing skills and built a catapault that could throw a baseball. Some catapaults were more successful than others but all learned a lot through the planning, construction and competition process. Although the weather was threatening at times, the rain hled off for the most part. A game of capture the flag Saturday afternoon including the leadeers was a big hit. The usual evening campfire programs included a round of "Three Leaders on a Log".

June 2004 - Gettysburg was the destination of our June outing. An extended three night four day trip had been in the planning stages for months. Nine scouts attended. The Gettysburg trip had been promoted as a family outing, but only one family was brave enough to camp with the scouts. The leaders and scouts took part in the "BSA Gettysburg Heritage Trail Program" earning all patches except the Eisenhower Farm patch. The weather was great and the scouts really enjoyed their time in Gettysburg and learned about a troubled time in our history as well. Photo below.

July 2004 - Ohio River Valley Council Summer Camp

August 2004 - Senior Outing (50 miler backpacking trip)

August 2004 - Annual Diocese of Steubenville Boy Scout Retreat

On Friday, we got to Carlisle and set up camp. We did Night Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours and had snacks. Saturday was fun. Besides the normal retreat activities, we were organized into patrols that were not our normal patrols. All the patrols did challenge courses. In the afternoon we did the Stations of the Cross and took a surprise 3-mile hike. At 6 o'clock we said evening prayer. After that we had snacks some scouts played Eucher. Sunday mourning we had Mass, struck camp and left.
I especially liked the challenge courses. On one of them we had to get from one end of a string {measuring 30 ft. long} to the other with only 5 points of contact to the ground; and we all had to all be touching each other. This made 6 points of contact to the ground so one scout had to hop on one foot. I think it was a fun outing over all. We slept near a graveyard and I got a good nightsleep. The neighbors were quiet.

Written by Polaris Patrol

September 2004 - Wilderness Survival Overnighter

For our September outing we had originally planned to go canoeing at Fort Steuben Scout Reservation. Unfortunately, due to the torrential rain we had, Clendening Lake flooded and filled with so much debris that it would have been quite unsafe for us to go out on the water. However, being Boy Scouting we were prepared with a back-up plan, which changed the outing to a wilderness survival theme.
The new plan worked very well and we had a very good time. We hiked, did advancement, slept in tarp shelters we designed ourselves, and had lots of fellowship and fun. In my opinion it was an excellent outing with good weather, food, and scout spirit.
Many theorized that the good weather was due to the fact that the Rain Man (Mr. Snelting) was not present. I, as many of my fellow scouts do, look forward to repeating this outing, but next time with Mr. Snelting.

Written by Senior Patrol

October 2004 - Ohio River Valley Council Fall Camporee

The Camporee was held in Wheeling, WV during the month of October. After we arrived on Friday we setup camp, ate dinner and had a campfire. The theme for this outing was communications. On Saturday we had activities that included working toward the Radio Merit Badge and learning flag signals. We also played various games including Infiltration and Capture the Flag. It was rainy and very muddy. The funniest event which happened was when Nicholas Seliga slipped and fell into a huge mud puddle. Overall, this outing was good. I think everyone had a good time.

Written by Dragons Patrol

November 2004 - Long Hike Backpacking Trip

This outing was fun and it was also a challenge. We hiked 18 miles in about 1 1/2 days. Thomas and I were cooking partners and at least we ate well. Sleeping in the Adirondacks (shelters) was great and it really improved the outing. Also Saturday night we had a campfire and that was really fun. This trek had many hills and it was really a challenge. But I must say that the best thing about the outing was eating the double cheeseburger at Wendys.

Written by NAM Patrol

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