Boy Scouts of America - Troop 401 - Steubenville, Ohio

The following items are considered essential items and must be brought by each scout on every overnight camping outing unless otherwise noted.

4 each - Garbage bags (32 gallon size minimum)

4 Zip-lock bags (2 large, 2 small)

1 each - plastic grocery bag to place boots in during the night (keeps the tent floor clean!)

1 each - eating spoon (fork and knife are optional)

1 each - eating bowl (plastic butter container works well)

1 each - drinking cup (for hot or cold drink)

Rain gear (vinyl coat and pants are better than ponchos)

2 each 1 quart or 2 each 1 liter water bottle (cheap solution: buy 50 cent bottle of water)

Towels for use to wipe hands/face & drying their own dishes

Five (sheets) disposable "shop towels" made by Scott Paper Company are an excellent choice. These paper towels are reinforced and can be washed and used several times before they become unusable. They are available in a roll just like paper towels in the automotive section at K-Mart or other discount stores.

Sleeping bag (rated for 20 degrees F) (mummy style is best for winter warmth)

Sleeping pad (closed cell foam - absolutely necessary) (less than $20 at Wal-Mart or K-Mart)

Personal First Aid Kit (see scout Handbook for items)

2 oz bottle of "Purell" Hand Sanitizer waterless cleaner or equal

50 feet of nylon rope (1/8 inch)

Small sponge (can be used for a variety of tasks including removing water from tent floor if needed)

2 each clothes pins

Small roll of TP in ziplock bag (use a mostly used roll from home)

Totin' Chip card (needed in order to use wood tools)

Scout Handbook (except backpack outings)

Scout Uniform

Clothing for the occasion and weather conditions

Check internet (www.weather.com or wunderground.com) for forecasted conditions

Refer to Scout Handbook (pgs 51-53) or call Scout Leader

Backpack Outings: Bring complete change of clothes including socks and shoes in garbage bag (This is to be left in the car at the trailhead for trip home)

PUT YOUR NAME ON ALL YOUR GEAR (This makes it easier to get lost items back to the original owner)

Packing: When
not backpacking, pack all gear in soft side gym bag or duffle bag

(Hint: Line the inside of the bag with a plastic garbage bag to make water proof and do the same with your sleeping bag stuff sack)

Equipment Suggestions:

Orienteering Compass - Recommend Silva "Trekker Type 20" ($20) or Silva "Guide" ($15)

Backpack - A good adjustable external pack for scouts -

Recommend: Kelty Yukon, however smaller scouts need to check pack belt size

Good Source for Gear: Campmor - Call for Catalog 800-525-4784 or visit www.campmor.com

Call one of the leaders if you have any questions.

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Last Updated June 16, 2004