Joining Information

Boy Scouts of America - Troop 401 - Steubenville, Ohio

Welcome to our Troop! The following is information you will need to know in order to join. If you have any questions, please contact one of the leaders listed at the bottom. Also, check out our troop website which has our schedule and other useful information.


1. Meet the age requirements: Be a boy who is 11 years old, or one who has completed the fifth grade or earned the Cub Scout Arrow of Light and is at least 10 years old, but not yet 18 years old.

2. Complete a Boy Scout Application Form

3. Complete a Boy Scout Medical Form - Part A and Part B (Part C needed for Summer Camp and High Adventure Outings)

4. Make a copy of your son's Medical Insurance Card (both sides)

5. Prepare a bank check or cash in the amount of the pro-rated Troop dues according to prorated dues table. (Make checks payable to BSA-Troop 401).

6. Give all the above to the Troop Scoutmaster.

DUES: $30.00 per year (This full amount is due in January of each year and is prorated when joining at other times of the year). We do not charge any monthly dues. This fee includes registration with the Boy Scouts of America and a subscription to Boys Life Magazine. The balance is used for chartering fees and Troop supplies such as rank badges, merit badges and equipment. Click here to download prorated dues table (PDF).

ITEMS REQUIRED: Each scout is expected to purchase a Boy Scout Handbook, Scout Shirt with insignia and Scout hat. These items can be purchased at the Scout Office in Wheeling or the Scout Shop in Pittsburgh. The Troop also sells our own Troop hat ($5) as well as a Class B uniform T-Shirt ($15). See a scout leader for purchase information.

UNIFORM: The Troop Official Uniform consists of:

- Troop 401 Scout Hat (available through the Troop for $5)

- Official Scout Shirt (short or long sleeve)

- belted pants or belted shorts

- shoes

- Scout pants, belt and scout socks required when First Class Rank achieved

- A Troop Class B uniform (Troop T-Shirt) is required for attendance at Summer Camp (available through the Troop for $15)

We recommend purchasing a short sleeve shirt and a green long sleeved crew or turtleneck shirt. The uniform shirt can be worn without the turtleneck in warm weather and with the turtleneck in cold weather.

Insignia - the following insignia are needed (one set will be issued for free from the Troop)

- Ohio River Valley Council shoulder patch

- Green 401 troop numerals

- Green shoulder ribbons

See the Boy Scout Handbook for placement of the insignia or talk with one of the leaders. Uniforms and insignia can be purchased at the Council Scout Office, 192 McCulloch Dr, Wheeling, WV 26003 (304-277-2660), online at or at the Pittsburgh Scout Shop, 1275 Bedford Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (412-642-7695). The Pittsburgh Scout Shop is very well stocked with scout products.

MEETINGS: We meet on Mondays from 7:00 to 8:30pm

OUTINGS: The Troop schedules one outing each month. Some are day outings, but most are overnight camping. The costs range from less than $20 to around $40. Summer camp (in July) is approximately $190. If you register by the last week of May the cost is reduced. The Boy Scout Council also offers a half fee camperships for those in financial need. See the leaders for an application form which must be turned in by the first week of April. The scouts can also offset the costs of outings by earnings through the Kroger Rewards Program (see below). Some scouts sell enough to totally pay for their outings.

FUND RAISERS: We currently participate in two fund raising activities. One is the Official Boy Scout Popcorn Sale in the fall of each year and the other is through Kroger purchases. With the Kroger purchases, your Kroger Plus card is registered to the Troop. Every three months, Krogers sends the troop a check based on each person's purchases. The scout associated with the card or cards and the troop split the amount earned. This money can be used by the scout to help cover the cost of outings and summer camp.

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