Troop 401 Patrol Box Inventory Items

Boy Scouts of America - Troop 401 - Steubenville, Ohio

Each patrol is assigned an equipped patrol box and is responsible for the safe keeping and care of each item. Any items found missing or damaged will be replaced by the patrol.

Each patrol box is equipped with the following:

Item #1 #2 #3 #4  #5 #6 #7  
Action Packer Patrol Box X X X X X X X  
Action Packer Patrol Food Box     X X X X X  
White Utensil Holder X X X X  
Water Pot X X X  
Cast Iron Fry Pan (10.5 ") X X X X  
Large Cooking Pot X X X X  
Salt & Pepper Shaker X X X X  
Spatula X X X X  
Cooking / Serving Spoon X X X X  
Slotted Cooking / Serving Spoon X X X X  X  
Wooden Spoon X X X X  X  
Soup Ladle   X X X X    
Long Tongs X X X X X  
Potato Peeler X X X X  
Plastic Cutting Board X X X X X  
Cutting Knife X X X X X  
Wire Wisk X X X   X  
Can Opener X X X X X  
Apple Corer     X X X X    
Grilling Basket     X X X X    
Pot Holders (2) X X X X X  
Plastic Ice Cream Bucket X X X X X  
Measuring Cup X X X X X  
7 Piece Cook Set X X X X X X X  
Pot Scrubber  X X X X X  

On each campout or as needed, buy the following:

paper towels

aluminum foil (heavy duty)

five garbage bags

ten zip lock bags

cooking oil


Troop General Inventory Items

These items are brought on all camping trips:

Pliers for handling dutch ovens

Liquid dish soap


Long tongs

Duct tape

Toilet paper

Rope (1/8 inch size)

Troop First Aid Kit

5 gal water cooler

5 gal water jug


Splitting Maul

Hand Axe (3)

Bow Saw (2)

Propane Lantern & Stand (3)

Two Burner Propane Camp Stoves (6)

Dutch Oven (6)

These items will be brought ONLY IF REQUESTED by patrol(s):

Cast iron griddles (2)

Griddle fry pan

Coleman stove camp oven

Backpacking Stoves (Pocket Rocket) will be assigned to cook groups on backpack outings

Patrol Box Assignments

Patrol Box #1 - Unassigned

Patrol Box #2 - Unassigned

Patrol Box #3 - Nam

Patrol Box #4 - Senior

Patrol Box #5 - Polaris

Patrol Box #6 - Dragons

Patrol Box #7 - Desert Storm

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