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Return of Camping Equipment BSA Troop 401

It is important that camping equipment which has been given to a scout to clean after an outing be cleaned promptly and returned to the Quartermaster as soon as possible. For example, in the past, tents have been damaged due to not airing the tent out promptly after an outing which results in mildew growth.

Rules for Return of Equipment

1. Scouts given equipment to clean after an outing shall do so and return to Quartermaster within one week of the outing, noting any problems in writing to the Quartermaster.

2. The Quartermaster upon receiving the equipment will fully inspect the equipment noting any problems. The QM will return the equipment to the scout if problems are found such as not being cleaned to the QM's satisfaction.

3. Once, the equipment is found to be satisfactory, the QM shall complete the "Troop Equipment Usage Log Sheet" and return the equipment and the log sheet to the Scoutmaster. Note: An equipment's return date shall be that date on which the equipment meets the satisfaction of the Quartermaster.

4. The following patrol points will be assessed by patrol for equipment assigned to the patrol.

NOTE: A patrol's assigned equipment is not considered returned until all their assigned equipment is returned. Therefore, it is important that all members of the patrol make sure those assigned to clean equipment get it done and returned on time.

Equipment returned early or on time +2 patrol points

Equipment returned one week late -2 patrol points

For every additional week overdue -2 patrol points

In addition the following penaltys will be assessed

Two weeks late - must perform service project and will not be able to go on next outings until it is completed

Three weeks late - service project and must bring own tent on the next outing after service project is completed

Quartermaster Outing Equipment Log Sheet (pdf)

Adopted by Troop Committee April 5, 2001 and modifed by Patrol Leaders Council on April 28, 2003

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