BSA TROOP 401 - Steubenville, Ohio

Scout Position Election Process - Adopted by Troop Committee on 2/8/2001

One Week before Elections

The week before elections, scouts are given a "Leadership Position Application" where the scout will fill out the form including his top leadership choices. He will sign the form and have a parent or guardian sign as well. He will bring this form to the election meeting and give it to the Senior Patrol Leader. At the appropriate time, the SPL will read the statements of scouts from their "Leadership Position Application"

Note: A scout is not guaranteed that he will be elected to one of his top choices.

On the Night of Elections

If a scout is not elected to his chosen positions, then he may nominate himself or be nominated to other positions for which he is qualified.

For all elected positions: if there is more than one eligible scout for the position, then at least two need to run for the position.

For the SPL and ASPL positions - if more than three scouts are nominated, a runoff election will be held with the top three being eligible for the final election.

Election Eligibility

For each position election, scouts must meet the "Qualifications" as stated in the "Leadership Position Description" for that position. If there is one or less scout that meets the qualifications for a position, the Scoutmaster in counsel with Assistant Scoutmasters present on the night of the election, may choose to alter the "Qualifications" in order to provide at least two scout candidates for the position election.

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